Do I Need A Windows Spy App

So my mother-in-law is in the town on holiday. Kids were having a good time with the grandmother and things were going fine as we were expecting my husband back from a business trip as well in a few days. Suddenly at dawn time, my mother-in-law felt sick. We took her to the hospital and unfortunately we have to take the toddler with us as well as there was no one home to take care of him.

It all happened in such a hurry that I don’t even think about any plan b or second options for him. So I was constantly in contact with my husband at the hospital and was keeping him posted about the details and reports. My kid was not having a great time at the hospital so I give him the tablet and played some cartoons on youtube that can keep him busy for a while. We were sitting in the emergency ward and I was constantly moving here and there.

Lets discuss windows spy app

Well after a while the doctors reported that she is fine and I can even visit her as well. I turned around to ask my son to come with me as well when I saw he was not there. That was the start of the second horrifying incident of that day. I was constantly yelling his name running around the ward when someone told me that he may have gone outside.  a toddler with a cellphone on road in the morning yes that was enough warning signs. My husband came in rushing toward me he was on the way home when this all happened.

I told him that we can’t find the kid, half crying I told him how I gave him the tablet so that he will just sit there but still we are unable to find him. The hospital staff was also helping me to find him but all was in vain. Well, my husband asked if he has the tablet with him I responded positively and in the next two to three minutes he was running out toward the main gate. I rushed back and he was walking toward the backside of the building. Well, there he was sitting on swings watching cartoons. Windows spy app the Theonespy save the day for us and that day I finally accepted that we all need a spy app in our smart gadgets.

Yes, We All Need Windows Spy App:

It is not a luxury anymore. We all use smart gadgets all day long and these tools are necessary to keep things under control. I know there are many misunderstandings regarding the use of spy apps but a selection of suitable app can play a beneficial role in your life.

Tablet Monitoring:

Theonespy offers an android spy app version, windows spy version, and Mac version for its users. Select the bubble that is suitable for you and enjoy the remote tracking for a month, season, or even a year by choosing monthly, seasonal or yearly packages respectively.

Live Tracking of The Gadget:

GPS location tracking feature lets the user know about the live position of the target gadget at any given time. Geo-fencing allows the user to make a virtual safe and restricted zone as well.

YouTube Vidoe playlist Chcek:

Youtube screen monitoring lets the user know about the youtube video played or watched on the target gadget.

Screen Time and Activities  Management

All the screen activities are saved with timestamp information in the form of screenshots and short videos. Use the app for tablets for toddlers and know how much time they are spending on the gadgets.

Theonespy app offers a version that supports multiple platforms. You can use it on your gadgets like a cellphone, laptop, tablet, or even a mac book as well.  Its use as parental control and employee monitoring is very common these days. Till that day I was suspicious that maybe this is just a marketing prank and these kinds of apps won’t usually work but on that day it saved me and my kid. My husband uses the app in all of its gadgets and that tablet monitoring through the Windows spy app lets us track the kid easily and in a short time.

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