7 Possible Solutions For Wavlink Extender Not Working

Wavlink WiFi Extender is one of the best extenders available in the market. It enables you to extend your Wi-Fi coverage without having to move or add a new router. However, at times it can be frustrating when you get an error message saying that your Wavlink WiFi Extender isn’t working. In this article, we will provide some possible solutions for Wavlink WiFi Extender not working properly:

#1 Restart Your Wireless Router and Wavlink Extender

First of all, if you are unable to connect your Wavlink, try turning off both the extender and router. Wait a minute before turning them back on, then try connecting again. In most cases, it resolves the issue. However, in the opposite outcome, continue to the next solution. 

#2 Change The Place of Your Extender

It is important to place your extender in a central location of your home, preferably near the center of the house. It’s also very important that your Wavlink Extender is not placed near walls and obstacles. Examples of such obstacles are furniture or other electronic devices such as cordless phones, televisions, or WiFi routers. This is because these might interfere with the signal from your router. Consequently, it impacts the performance of your extender’s Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it can even prevent both devices from working altogether.

Note: If you have a big house and want to get better coverage in all rooms, it is ideal to use more than one extender. You can place one close to where you are going to use it most often.

#3 Reboot Your Wavlink WiFi Extender

The next solution to try is to reboot your Wavlink WiFi Extender. You can do this by pressing the reset button on the back of your extender for at least 5 seconds. This will turn off both your power and internet connection, which are essential components for using a Wavlink WiFi Extender. After that, you’ll need to wait another 30-40 seconds before turning your Wavlink WiFi Extender back on.

#4 Check The Network Name (SSID)

The first thing you should do when your Wavlink extender stops working is to check the SSID of both your computer and the Wavlink Wi-Fi extender. The SSID is the network name that you see when you connect to a wireless network. It must be entered correctly in order for your Wavlink Wi-Fi extender to work properly. The SSID must also be exactly the same as the one used by your computer or mobile device.

Note: If you have changed your computer or mobile device’s preferred Wi-Fi hotspot recently, then make sure that this has been updated on both devices before trying anything else

#5 Set Up Wavlink WiFi Extender in a New Location

The next thing you should do is find the best location for the extender. Ideally, this would be a place where it can get an uninterrupted and strong signal from your router. If you have a Wavlink WiFi Extender and want to set it up in a new location, here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Don’t put the extender near your router or close to any other wireless devices. These devices may cause interference and reduce range.
  • Place it somewhere central so all corners of your home are covered by its signal (if possible).

#6 Reset and Re-Setup Wavlink WiFi Extender

If your Wavlink WiFi Extender is not working, you can try resetting it. Thereafter, you will have to execute the Wavlink extender setup. This process will delete all of the settings on your extender and return them to factory default settings. It’s a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  • Press and hold down the Reset button for 5 seconds until the lights start flashing on your extender. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds until all lights stop flashing or turning off before proceeding with the next step.
  • Unplug power from your WiFi Extender.
  • Wait at least 10 seconds before plugging back in.
  • Connect to the new network name (SSID) displayed on the screen using the password on the underneath sticker. 

#7 Update the Firmware of Wavlink WiFi Extender

If your Wavlink WiFi extender is not working properly, then you can update its firmware. This will fix any bugs and add new features to the device. It may also solve problems with your device. You can easily update their firmware from the Wavlink extender login portal or from their mobile app.

Additional Tip: Use the WPS Button 

The WPS button on your router and your Wavlink WiFi Extender is located on the back of their respective devices. To connect them, press the WPS button on both devices and wait for the light to blink:

  • On your router, it will either be a small button that looks like a WiFi symbol or a larger button with several horizontal lines. Some routers may have multiple buttons with different shapes, so simply look for one that says WPS when lit up.
  • On your extender, there’s only one “WPS” button on its face. If this doesn’t work out at first the light will not turn on. Try pressing it again after waiting a few seconds between each attempt.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to fix the extender not working, you need to restart your wireless router. Make sure that you are in the range of the extender when doing so.
  • If your Wavlink WiFi Extender is blinking red, then this means that it is trying to connect with the network but cannot do so due to some issue. You should move it closer to your wireless router and try again after a few minutes or wait for an hour before attempting again as this might fix the problem as well.
  • After resetting the Wavlink WiFi Extender, set it up again.  Use the new credentials so that it can connect successfully next time. The “Wavlink extender not working” message can appear on the screen if you use an incorrect SSID name or password. This is the URL: wifi.wavlink.com

These are the best ways to solve the Wṣavlink extender not working error. You can try these steps and if you still face any issues, then you should contact customer care for further assistance.