What is Spline Broaching?


Have you ever heard of spline broaching? It’s a machining process that can create some pretty impressive results. But what is it, exactly? And how does it work? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at spline broaching and explain why it’s such an important machining process. Stay tuned!


Spline broaching is a machining process that is used to create grooves in metal or other materials. It involves using a tool called a broach to remove material from the workpiece in a controlled manner. The resulting groove can be straight, curved, or any other shape that is desired.

The spline broaching process creates precision mating surfaces and assemblies while controlling wear on both the tool and workpiece. Broaches are available by Taizhou Chengchun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. in various sizes, shapes, and profiles to suit almost any application .

How does spline broaching work?

Spline broaching is a process that is used to cut splines, or grooves, into a workpiece. The process begins by mounting the workpiece onto a holding fixture. A broach, a tool with cutting teeth, is then inserted into the workpiece. The broach is rotated and moved through the workpiece, cutting the splines as it goes.

Spline broaching can be performed on a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and brass. It is an efficient way to cut multiple splines in a single operation and can be used to produce both internal and external splines.

The benefits of spline broaching

Spline broaching is an efficient and precise way to produce internal splines, and it offers several benefits over other machining processes.

  • One benefit of spline broaching is that it can be used to create splines of various sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows designers to create parts with complex geometries that would be difficult or impossible to produce using other methods.
  • Spline broaching is also a relatively fast process, which can save time and money during production.
  • In addition, the process produces little waste material, which helps to keep costs down.

For these reasons, spline broaching is an excellent choice for various applications.

Broaching is a process of machining that utilizes a toothed tool known as a broach to extract the material from a piece of work. Broaches are specifically designed to create designs, and the teeth of the tool cut the material to produce what you want.

The different types of spline broaches

Spline broaches are a type of broach that is specifically designed to cut splines, which are grooves on the inside of a hole that help to keep two shafts adequately aligned. There are three different types of spline broaches: solid, form, and staggered tooth.

Helical splines use a positive mechanical interlock that prevents the joint from coming apart under high loads. This makes them an ideal choice for applications where reliability and safety are critical, such as in automotive and aerospace applications. 


Helical splines are also easy to assemble and disassemble, making them ideal for applications where frequent maintenance or replacement is required. Overall, helical splines offer some advantages over traditional keyed joints, making them an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.

Solid Tooth

Solid tooth broaches have teeth that are all the same size and shape, making them ideal for cutting simple, uniform splines.

Form Tooth

Form tooth broaches have teeth that are graduated in size, which helps to create narrower and deeper splines.

Staggered Tooth

Staggered tooth broaches have teeth that alternate in size and shape, making them well-suited for cutting splines with complex profiles.

No matter what type of spline you need to cut, there is a spline broach that can get the job done.

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