Instagram Spy App: How To Spy On Distracting Employees

Bosses can surely relate to my situation. We all have been there where we ordered one thing and got nothing done on time. And got blamed by employees for being strict and rude. What little they know about the shoulder that takes the responsibility of taking care of all staff, their needs, salaries, monthly targets, and whatnot. I also encountered this problem with some part-time job employees.

I had a deadline for the campaign of a new client, who is a bigshot in the clothing industry. If we get this Campaign right, our whole year would be set for business. Target is big and time is limited so we needed extra hands on deck. We ran an ad for part-time jobs. We get a good response and hired five people. Now, these people are newbies and untrained and I have to teach them and train them, all while completing my target.

As we know it takes time to settle new employees in your company. But I didn’t expect them to be wasting time on Instagram. I was getting sick of this behavior. At lunch with my peers, two of them complained about the same thing. So before it was too late I have to find the solution and I got that. One of my good friends runs his own business.

After listening to all of my complaints he shared his experience. He told us how he got rid of this problem by using the OgyMogy Instagram spy app feature. He installed this app on employees’ devices. The feature lets the user keep an eye on employees and notify them about how much they spend time on Instagram surfing instead of working on actual content.

It was a game-changer for him, not only he can manage them but also get work in time and spare himself of all blame.

I and my peers thought about it and decided to give it a try. But some were hesitant whether it would work or not. So to be safe we opt for a monthly subscription on a trial basis. If it works effectively we will change our plan. And it did work miraculously as we are now the yearly plan user of the app. There are some other minor issues involved as well regarding the use of employee monitoring software but everything was sorted out.

We installed it on all company devices and notified all employees of new changes and made them aware of the situation. Only a week worth of time passed and results were speaking for themselves. Now that we have access to their screen and activity log we can keep a check on how much time they are spending on work and leisure.

Instagram Spy App:

  1. Instagram is a popular app used for entertainment as well as business these days.
  2. Now as one of the pillars f digital marketing, the use of Instagram to promote the product or service is one of the shortest deals. With the Instagram spy app, you can make things much easier not only for yourself but for your employees as well.
  3. The app allows the user to strictly monitor every move of the employee’s social media account.
  4. You can not only know if they use social media during working hours but can also check the content with time and date information.
  5. Monitor the official business account activity professionally with the Instagram spy app.
  6. You can know if the social media team is handling the campaign well or if it needs some change or amendments.
  7. The app also notifies about the private chat box activity of the target account as well. That means you can know I nay of the employee is mishandling customers in eth chatbox. moreover, the same feature can also be used to save the employees from any rude or weird client.

I am not only convinced of the OgyMogy app’s wonders, but I also refer it to others now. Since then I have changed into a yearly subscription and gained benefits from it. My campaign was a hit and I owe a lot of my peace to the OgyMogy app.

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