Oracle Certifications: What You Need to Know to Start

What is Oracle Certification?

Oracle Certification Program certifies students on the knowledge and skills related to Oracle technologies and products. Oracle offers six certification programs that span nine different categories. It also offers a host of hardware and software solutions designed to simplify and empower IT. In addition, the program enables candidates to become Oracle Certified Associates, demonstrating in-demand skills, improving overall job performance, and shortening project turnaround time.  

Why is Oracle Certification important?

OCA certifications or Oracle Certified Certifications are essential as they provide validation of specific technical knowledge and capabilities. It proves a candidate’s potential to gain skills and build knowledge as they continue their education and career pathways. Hence, Oracle certification equips candidates with a level of technical skills which is recognized throughout the information technology industry.

Categories in Oracle Certification 

The nine categories are:

Oracle Applications 

It provides more than 60 individual credentials across 13 products. The majority of these certifications confer Certified Implementation Specialist for some application. Hence, this certification aims at individuals with expertise in selling and implementing Oracle solutions. 

Oracle Cloud 

It includes Java Cloud. Oracle Cloud certifications fall into seven subcategories:

. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

. Platform as a Service (PaaS), which includes Data Management, Application Development, Management Cloud, and Mobile Cloud Service.

. Software as a Service (SaaS):

. Customer Experience Cloud, including Service, Sales, Marketing, and CPQ Cloud.

. Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, which includes Service, Sales, Marketing, CPQ Cloud, and the rest of their CRM software offering.

.Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, which includes Financials, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, and Risk Management Cloud.

Human Capital Management Cloud includes Workforce, Rewards, payroll, Talent Management, and Global Human Resources Cloud.

. Supply Chain Management Cloud, which includes Order Management, Product Master Data Management, Product Lifecycle, Inventory Management, and others.

Oracle Database 

There are three main categories under this certification.

. Database Application Development

. MySQL 

. Oracle Database

The Oracle SQL Certification covers these learning paths.

Oracle Virtualization 

Virtualization certification covers Oracle Virtual Machine Server for X86. This is helpful for individuals who sell and implement VM solutions. This certification covers skills such as installing OVM 3.0 Server and OVM 3.0 Manager components. 

Oracle Java and Middleware

Oracle Courses include several subcategories: Business Intelligence, Application Server, Cloud Application, Data Integration, Identity Management, Mobile, Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware Development Tools, and others.

Industries Oracle

This certification is on Oracle software for the construction, engineering, communications, insurance, health sciences, and tax and utilities industries. Therefore, this involves training to automate business processes and reduce costs. 

Oracle Enterprise Management 

This certification offers skills in application, middleware, database, and storage management. This certifies a candidate’s expertise in physical, virtual, and cloud environments as well as design, installation, implementation, reporting, and support.

Oracle Systems

This certification includes Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage. This training gives system administrators the option to develop technical expertise.

Oracle Operating Systems

Oracle’s credentials are also offered at six levels which are Junior Associate, Associate, Professional, Master, Expert, and Specialist. 

Benefits of Oracle Certification

This certification includes Linux and Solaris. Linux OCA and Specialist credentials only require a single exam. So, Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux are world-class operating systems that offer security and stability.

. Learn to perform complex activities through lab, study, and practice sessions

. It improves your job prospects and job stability therefore you will have a strong profile.

. It will accelerate your career growth 

. Challenge and assess your ability to think and perform 

. Enable you to increase your earning potential So, you can have a bright future.

. It will enable you to gain exposure to a wide variety of important features and tasks so, it can help you to apply your job


Oracle Certifications equip candidates with a foundational knowledge of core concepts and services. There are various certifications where a candidate can choose based on their own level of knowledge. Oracle Certifications is a must need for people who want to gain a competitive advantage by developing unique skill sets which are significantly in demand worldwide. These various certifications offered by Oracle, such as Oracle Java, Oracle certification, Oracle training, help a candidate earn higher income and see other career improvements as an Oracle Certified Associate.

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