Benefits of integrating ERP with 3PL logistics?

The entire paradigm of how businesses perform today has been changed from the core. Business leaders need to track and implement all the relevant changes in the processes to gain a competitive edge.   

Many entrepreneurs use enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools in their process. The ERP software solution should seamlessly integrate with third-party applications to streamline, centralize and optimize your processes.   

In this blog, let us understand three crucial aspects of ERP software in India and its integrations. First, let us have a look at what is ERP software. Second, let us have a look at what is 3PL logistics. Third, let us dive deep into understanding the benefits of integrating ERP software with 3PL logistics.   

What is ERP software?  

ERP software is a tool that helps businesses to manage every aspect of their enterprise efficiently. The cloud-based ERP tools will help businesses to centralize, digitize, optimize, and automate the workflow. These tools will help businesses to keep a track of all the processes automatically to ensure business growth. The ERP solution will help businesses to track their work processes right from procurement of raw materials from vendors to delivery of the finished products to the customers.   

What is a 3PL logistics Service?  

Third-party logistics services are a company that helps businesses with picking, packing, and shipping your products to their customers. It is a link between the manufacturing to your customer base that reduces the tedious task of product delivery. As a result, your business can focus on other crucial tasks like sales, presales, and after-sales. Following are a few services that third-party logistics providers for various businesses:  

  • Warehousing.  
  • Inventory.  
  • Shipping and receiving products.  
  • Full truckload freight shipment.  
  • Less than truckload freight shipment.  
  • Picking and packing the shipment.  
  • Return logistics.   

Depending on your business requirement you can choose the services from your vendors.  

What is the benefit of integrating the ERP software with third-party logistics?  

We have compiled a few top advantages of integrating ERP tools with third-party logistics.  

Manage operations on a single platform:  

Every business has a huge amount of product movement right from sourcing to delivery. It will be challenging for your team to keep a track of it manually because there will be multiple departments involved. The integration of the ERP software with third-party logistics will help businesses to manage everything on a central server. As a result, your teams will be able to execute the entire business operations through a single window.  

Minimize the errors in the process:  

When your business is processing information on a large scale and there is a huge movement of products. Moreover, if your ERP is not integrated with a third-party logistics vendor It will create chaos, errors, and arrears. Additionally, it will also increase the chances of data duplication and errors during the data migration or transfer.   

Integrating the ERP system with 3-PL logistics will help to reduce the errors in the process. Because the teams will be able a track and execute their entire business process in one central server.   

Automate the systems:  

Integrating the ERP software with third-party logistics will automate the processes between the departments. As a particular department updates the system, the information will get synchronized on a central server.  It will help to reduce the task on your teams to transfer the data to the other teams or departments. The best ERP software in India will already have third-party logistics services integrated into the system. The automation of the shipping returns and logistics of your products will help your team to focus on other valuable tasks.   

Set right expectations with the customers.   

The customer experience plays a crucial role for every organization and businesses need to ensure that deliver top-notch service to them. The integration of the ERP software with third-party logistics will help businesses to set the right expectations with the customers. When the customers get the accurate expected time of delivery it will enrich their experience with your brand.  

Who will get benefits by integrating the ERP software with third-party logistics?  


The integration of these tools will help manufacturers to track the logistics from their raw material vendors. Furthermore, it will also help to manage and track the shipment of finished products from the factory to the stores.   

Wholesalers to Retailers:  

The integration of the ERP tools with logistics vendors will help to simplify the Delivery process from their warehouse to the retail stores.  

Ecommerce sellers:  

This integration is a boon to all eCommerce vendors irrespective of their type or size. Because the integration of the ERP software with third-party logistics will help to automate the delivery process. Moreover, this will also help the customers to get a real-time update of their delivery schedule to enrich your brand image.  


The top ERP software will seamlessly integrate third-party applications on a single platform to centralize the services. One of the most essential integrations that helps multiple businesses is ERP tools with third-party logistics. Technology Counter will help businesses select an ERP software that will seamlessly integrate with other tools. 

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