Compliance of the electrical installation

For an electrical installation to be up to standard, it must meet a whole series of well-established and evolving criteria. These criteria depend on the General Regulations on Electrical Installations (RGIE). When you buy a property, for example, you receive a report from an approved inspection body. Very often, it contains remarks that make it mandatory to go through the compliance box for your electrical installation.

How to do it? At what price? Who do you go through to bring your electrical installation into compliance? Follow the leader.

Electrical compliance: what is it?

Any electrical installation in Belgium (industrial or residential) must meet a certain number of obligations, taken up and dictated by the RGIE. This is a legal obligation. Therefore, an upgrade to electrical standards is therefore necessary or recommended depending on the faults it presents with respect to the standards in force at the time of the analysis of your installation.

When should you bring your electrical installation into compliance?

Connection of a recent electrical installation to the distribution network

Bringing the electrical installation into conformity is an obligation when you connect an installation to the electrical distribution network. In order to be able to connect to the network, a certificate of conformity must be issued by an approved electrical inspection body, after having inspected your installation. The validity of this certificate of conformity is 25 years. A new upgrading of the electrical installation is required by law after this period.

It should be noted that for companies and apartment buildings, an obligation to check the electrical installation every 5 years is in force.

Purchase of real estate

If you buy a home that has a certificate of “non-” compliance, you as the buyer have 18 months to bring your installation up to electrical standards. However, the seller has the duty to give you a certificate of conformity issued by an inspection body which is an authority. Failing to prove the compliance of the electrical installation with the standards, this document indicates any shortcomings to be corrected.

Connection of a recent electrical installation to the distribution network

Any modification made to your electrical installation necessarily involves bringing it up to standard. This rule prevails even when the certificate of conformity does not exceed its period of validity which is 25 years.

How much does it cost to bring an electrical installation into compliance?

It is difficult to put an average price on the compliance of an existing installation. Indeed, the price can vary greatly depending on whether it is a slight update or a complete renovation of the electrical installation. This is why Paradoxe Elec always begins its work with a complete analysis of your installation.

The average price noted for bringing an electrical installation into conformity is between €1,000 and €7,000 excluding VAT. In other words, it makes a wide range. Do not hesitate to contact us for an analysis of your installation. This will lead to a complete and detailed offer.

Following the upgrading of your installation, Paradoxe Elec produces new plans and single-line diagrams. These are necessary for the passage of an approved controller. The price of the check is approximately €150 excluding VAT.

The compliance report

To obtain the certificate attesting to compliance, a certain number of documents are required:

  • The electrical plan of your installation (produced by us).
  • The position diagram of all the components of your electrical system (produced by us).
  • The EAN code of your connection to the electricity network.

Please visit for details about EICR London

Compliance of the electrical installation: the most common violations

  • Poorly insulated conductors expose circuits to malfunctions that can cause fires.
  • Absence of a differential circuit breaker, is an essential element that protects the circuits from electrical overloads and protects you from any current leakage
  • Earthing of the electrical installation not respected. Grounding must be. Present in all electrical systems installed after September 30, 1981.
  • Lacks a positional diagram or one-line diagram that helps identify a faulty circuit. If you do not have one on hand, an electrician can always deliver it to you.


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