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Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Your Fabric Sofa?

The fabric sofa is widely represented on our site, with a whole range of fabric corner sofas, panoramic sofas and straight fabric sofas.

The sofa is the key element of your living room. You sit on it (even lie down), as do your children and sometimes even your pets. You spend time in it, you can even eat in it… Thus, it can quickly wear out and above all get dirty. A task of milk, wine, grease, food, quickly arrived. In this guide, we will therefore give you some tips for maintaining and cleaning your fabric sofa so that it regains all its youth!

Cleaning your fabric sofa: some basic tips

Discover beforehand some basic and precautionary advice for the maintenance of your fabric sofa.

  1. In each of our product sheets are indicated simple maintenance tips: The fabric sofa does not like water. It is therefore recommended to clean it with a vacuum cleaner with a suitable nozzle. Clean light soiling with a damp cloth.
  2. Try to act immediately on a stain to prevent it from permanently penetrating your sofa.
  3. Similarly, don’t rub a stain too much to prevent it from spreading and becoming more visible.
  4. Systematically test your stain remover or stain remover solution on an inconspicuous area of the sofa, for example on an armrest or behind the sofa.
  5. When cleaning your couch, do not just clean the stain to avoid a halo. Extend your cleaning to the entire surface of the sofa to unify it.
  6. Apply your stain remover while protecting yourself (hands, nose, eyes) as some solutions can be dangerous and/or toxic.
  7. Protect the legs of your sofa when you clean it to prevent your washing solution from staining them.
  8. Each type of stain can be cleaned differently. Find out about the state of the task beforehand to treat it as well as possible.
  9. If you use rags to clean, wring it out and use them only if they are wrung out well because the sofa does not like water.
  10. Deep clean your couch in Blacktown, not just the surface. Vacuum the upholstery if there is one, also vacuum and clean the trunk and the convertible function if they are convertible sofas.
  11. Finally, putting a sofa cover or protection can be a good solution to avoid any inconvenience on the coating of the latter.

Maintain your fabric sofa regularly

Beforehand, to avoid using strong washing methods, we already advise you to maintain your fabric sofa very regularly, whether it is a straight sofa, a panoramic sofa or a fabric corner sofa.

For this, we advise you to dislodge the dust using a vacuum cleaner with a soft and clean tip. Vacuum your sofa regularly to clean it. Avoid using a cloth to clean it because the latter will simply be used to spread the dust, and this is not the desired result.

Also regularly clean everything that could decorate your sofa: cushions or any plaids, because dust can also lodge there.

Washing your fabric sofa: the methods

Several techniques are effective in cleaning a stain on your fabric sofa. These techniques are not recognized but are considered grandmother techniques that have proven themselves over the long term.

White vinegar and lukewarm water

The most widespread technique and the easiest to reproduce at home remains that of white vinegar. Dilute the white vinegar with lukewarm water and apply the solution to your sofa

baking soda and water

Baking soda can also be effective for stains on fabric. To use it wisely, you will mix it with water and then apply it to your fabric. Be sure to apply it to the entire surface of your sofa, as well as the armrests and the chaise longue if it is a fabric corner sofa so that you do not forget any part. Then brush the entire surface of your sofa with a special soft bristle brush. Leave for a few hours then vacuum to remove the excess

The ammonia, water and dishwashing liquid trio

You can also clean your fabric sofa with ammonia. The latter must be diluted with a large amount of water and dishwashing liquid to be effective. Be careful, if you opt for this cleaning technique, it is essential to protect your hands (with dishwashing gloves for example), eyes and nose because it is a chemical product. Be sure to also ventilate your room after handling ammonia.

Dry cleaning: Terre de Sommières

You can also use the so-called dry cleaning technique. For this, you will need to bring Terre de Sommières. You will apply the Terre de Sommières on the entire surface of your sofa, and not just on the stain, then you will let it act for a few hours, ideally overnight. The Terre de Sommières will become encrusted and you will be able, the next day, to suck up the surplus remaining on your sofa.

Machine wash the removable cushions

Some of our sofas are equipped with removable cushions. You can therefore remove the cover of your cushion to put it in the washing machine. Please note, this is a minority of our sofas and if the cushions have removable covers, it is indicated in the product sheet of the sofa.

This guide is an aid to maintaining and cleaning your fabric sofa. We will also advise you in the future on the maintenance of a velvet or imitation leather sofa.

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