Best CPUs for Gaming

 After considering all the options and having as much knowledge as you can about your next CPU, it’s now time to choose. Here are a few of the top gaming CPUs you can buy in the marketplace currently.

High-end gaming CPUs with the best graphics

The gaming category with the highest end is designed for players with a greater concern with how well their computer as opposed to the price for the processor. These processors are the latest equipped with the latest features as well as the fastest processing speeds. As one would imagine, they also come with the highest price.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

It is the AMD Ryzen 9 gaming CPU series is one of the best gaming CPUs available. The 5900X is among models that stand out from this category and are praised by gaming enthusiasts gamers as well as PC builders such as us.


  • Cores – 12
  • Threads – 24
  • Base clock 3.7GHz
  • Turbo clock – 4.8GHz
  • Overclocking – Yes
  • L3 Cache – 64MB
  • TDP – 105W

PCle 4.0 lanes – 20

This CPU was built upon the most recent Zen architecture developed by AMD that has been continuously improving since its initial release in the year 2017. The CPU is a great general performance, and it is very efficient. Check out hp motherboard price with i5 processor online

Whatever your gaming resolution This processor can take on the task while also the graphics card you choose with many frames to use. When you consider that the processor is 12 core with 24 threads that is a description of a beast that copes with anything that you throw at it effortlessly. Apart from games, it can be able to handle 3D rendering as well as video editing. It can also handle any other tasks that you may want to give it.

While it is not the most powerful processor available today it has an overclocking feature that lets you make use of it for several years before having for a new upgrade. It’s a great processor for gamers seeking the most raw performance and comes with an affordable price without spending too much on a machine that can’t be utilized to its full potential.

Intel i9-10900K

For a while it was the most sophisticated consumer CPU Intel could offer. As I mentioned before the market for CPUs is constantly changing as companies compete to introduce the next great CPU. The core i9 series from Intel remains among the top CPU models on the market. We carry a wide selection of Intel core i9 gaming computers in stock, which have exceeded the expectations of gamers who have placed orders and gave this processor range for a test.

The 10900K is an amazing processor in many ways. It has 20 threads and 10 cores to chop every task into pieces. It’s got an 3.7GHz basis clock frequency. However, you can increase the maximum turbo frequency to reach 5.3GHz which is enough to play every game that you can throw to the system. Check hp motherboard price online

With the capacity of 125W TDP It’s safe to say it’s somewhat power hungry in comparison the AMD counterpart. However, given the amount of performance that it can deliver it’s warranted. FPS ratings are crucial when selecting a processor which is why the Intel i9-10900K CPU a beast for delivering high FPS. It is slightly more than 3900X it is part the AMD Ryzen 9 series, an even more powerful gaming CPU.

The chip operates on the FCLGA1200 socket that is not a common socket for Intel processors, therefore you must ensure that you have the correct motherboard. Z490 or the Z490 and the Z590 can be used. If you have the money it, this is a great option that will give you an incredible overall performance, while preparing for the additional demands that the next games will bring without any additional costs.

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

There is no way to emphasize enough the amazing capabilities of this Ryzen 9 series of CPUs is. The 5950X isn’t the most powerful available for gaming in pure terms. It’s a top performer in multi-tasking. It’s far superior to more sophisticated CPUs when is multi-tasking workflows. Therefore, if you want to add other tasks, this might be the right machine for you.

The CPU has 32 threads and 16 cores which makes it an unbeatable workstation. What makes this a top CPU is it spares you the hassle of buying an additional board for it. It can be directly connected to the AM4 socket with no issues.

When it comes to games performance, it has solid FPS figures , even when playing contemporary AAA games. It runs at a base frequency of 3.4GHz with a maximum speed of 4.9GHz. With these speeds, there is plenty of power to handle the most intense multi-tasking , rendering and multi-tasking workflows.

If you’re a gamer with many things in mind for their machines than gaming and require a comprehensive setup, the most effective way to starting point for your system should be to select 5950X as your processor. It is just the right amount of cores and threads to allow multi-tasking. For gaming it’s too powerful. In addition it’s single-core performance is not the best choice for gaming.

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