7 Persuasive Marketing Techniques: How To Influence People in 2022

There must be some advertisements that live in your mind rent-free even after so many years. For example, the iconic ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is one of our favorites. Many of us grabbed a coca-cola with our names or friend’s name on it to share with someone. It made us all realize the importance of sharing some little moments of happiness with others.

Hence, this ad was not only compelling but also incredibly influential. As a marketer, you must acknowledge that to persuade an audience. You must evoke an emotional response. But how can you actually do it in today’s era when the main focus of every business is on improving its SEO services Dubai?

A persuasive marketing strategy is one that can leverage the interests and desires of consumers to persuade them to purchase a product or service. This type of marketing focuses on the benefits of the product or services that end-users can enjoy.

Below, we have examined key persuasive marketing techniques that you can utilize in your marketing campaign:

1.      The Carrot and The Stick

Humans have an instinct to get attracted towards pleasure as a rabbit gets attracted towards a carrot, and a donkey avoids the sight of a stick. When customers read or watch your advertisements displaying promises of gains, carrots, they become compelled to pursue that feeling of pleasure. In contrast, sticks, possibilities of loss evoke fear among customers to flee from the potential feeling of pain.

Both tactics pull customers into the narrative and evoke emotions that will evoke your predicted action. For instance, carrots like car insurance excite the car lover to take action. Similarly, sticks like anti-smoking campaigns will evoke fear, encouraging them to pursue an alternative.

2.      The Scarcity Principle

People hold those things dearest, which are scarce. It means having something that most people want but can’t have, which boosts their self-worth and power in the community. If you use words or phrases that evoke a sense of urgency, such as ‘Exclusive Offer’ or ‘Limited Availability’. You can skyrocket the sale and demand through perceived scarcity!

3.      One Message Per Advertisement

Try sticking to only one message if you want your consumers to get hooked on the product instantly and entice them to read or watch the remainder of your advertisement. Emphasizing your product’s main benefit or feature or offer will make it convenient for the customers to comprehend its value. Also, it increases the probability of their conversion because you’re only expressing one message to your audience: your product’s major characteristic will benefit your customer’s life in a positive way.

4.      Write in Second Person

Since your customers majorly focus on how your brand can help them, try using pronouns like ‘you’ or ‘your’ that will help you connect with them at a personal level. It engages them to view themselves in a narrative your brand is creating. Hence, writing advertisements will immediately grasp their attention and compel them to see the future in which the product or service is making their life better.

5.      Hand over The Control To Your Audience

The need for control is a biological and psychological necessity. It is mandatory for people to feel like they are in control of their lives. In order to give your audience a sense of control, you must give them a sense of choice.

For instance, after watching or reading the advertisement, they should feel like they can either choose the product or explore another path. If consumers feel like you are forcing them to buy the product, they get annoyed and detached from your brand.

6.      Incentives

The use of incentives is an excellent way of seducing website visitors. Discounts, free delivery, gifts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, and more are a few characteristics that every online store shares to influence a positive response from the audience.

7.      Use Call-To-Value Strategy

Call to Action is crucial for getting your audience to showcase their next step. However, ‘Download Now’ or ‘Subscribe Now’ doesn’t always do the trick. CTA is not always going to entice the potential customers to give out the desired action. You must put in an effort to make the last line of copy the best of them all!

Hence, instead of writing boring final lines like ‘Download Now’, write one that shows creativity and adds value for the customers. For instance, to encourage customers to download an eBook, use a phrase like ‘Click Today and be a blogger tomorrow’.

To sum up, a reputable digital marketing agency has a wide frame and scope for innovation to excite the audience and boost sales!

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