What is so special about LiteSpeed as a hosting platform?

LiteSpeed as a hosting platform – LiteSpeed web servers, aka LiteSpeed Web Hosting, have got much attention recently in the hosting market. In fact, in many stances, it has already replaced the other web servers like Apache and NGINX. So here we are with a detailed discussion on all the factors that corroborate the specialty of LiteSpeed as a hosting platform.

Let dive in to find out!

What is LiteSpeed? 

LiteSpeed Webhosting or Web Server is a high-performance web server with robust scalability proposed by LiteSpeed technologies. As its name sounds, it really is best for speed as it reduces the web page loading times. 

Perks of LiteSpeed as a Hosting Platform

The following are the surprising yet lucrative benefits that LiteSpeed secures for you.

Extensive Control Panel Integration

Control panels are a must-have feature for hosting services, whether users or administrators. LiteSpeed has got a subtle edge here as it integrates almost all the control panels out there. For instance, naming a few control panels will include cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, and so forth.

No Downtime Issues

Almost all servers have to undergo updates. However, web server software updates, restarting, configuration changes, or others result in server downtimes. Fortunately, with LiteSpeed Web Servers, there are zero downtimes for software updates. Users can restart the servers and implement configuration changes without any worries.

One-Click Cache Acceleration

With LiteSpeed, users can instantly cache their website with a simple one-click. In addition, the LSCache lets you mass deploy the caching for websites.

Same Hardware Yet Boosted Performance 

The best part about LiteSpeed is that it lowers the server loads by 98%, eventually frees up more space. As a result, the server can accommodate more clients and boost performance. In addition, it can handle more traffic with the same server hardware and resources.

Compatibility with Apache Web Server

LiteSpeed has by far the robust compatibility with Apache Web Server in terms of all popular Apache features like Rewrite Engine. Also, it ensures the direct loading of Apache configuration files.

Lowers down the Operating Cost

When a single server can handle an increased number of clients, it will let the host spend less on the capital required for the hardware, from installation to maintenance. Subsequently, the hardware footprint will be reduced too.

Server-Wide Caching 

Caching helps store ‘reusable responses’ to let the requests and content load faster. LiteSpeed offers server-side page extensive caching. In simple words, it stores the static snapshots of the complete pages (dynamic content). In return, the users do not have to wait for the site and PHP assembling for requests response.

So the site loads pretty faster, in fact, at lightning speed. In addition, you can expect ESI Support (Enterprise Skills Initiative Support) for professional assistance for technical issues and queries.

Three Web Server Editions 

Currently, LiteSpeed Web Server has three Editions, namely, Open LiteSpeed Edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition. These editions work and vary from small and low-traffic websites to large and high-traffic websites alongside stability and hosting control panel compatibility. You can get your desired one by opting for LiteSpeed Hosting and having LiteSpeed as a hosting platform.

 Faster than Apache

LiteSpeed is pretty faster than Apache because of its performance and HTTP/3 implementation. Also, you can replace an existing Apache server quickly without altering any other programs or operating system details.

High Availability

Servers and websites being available at all times have now become the standard. Besides, high availability means the system will remain operational regardless of the time. So LiteSpeed ensures DC-wide availability with reliable data access, even if the hosting server goes down.

CloudLinux Integration

Shared server environments are mostly subjected to issues like resources exploitation, security, etc. Thus, to make itself useable for them, too, LiteSpeed has CloudLinux Integration the best for shared hosting providers. As a result, Litespeed supports a lightweight virtual environment (LVE) and also the CageFS, PHP/Ruby/Python Selector.

Perfect Security

LiteSpeed has the built-in anti-DDoS capability and is also compatible with Apache’s mod security rules. Also, it blocks the IPs and requests that eat up massive bandwidth with its excellent features like per-IP connections and bandwidth throttling. So, in a way, it assists in saving from attackers and attacks.

Following the benefits and specialty of LiteSpeed as a hosting platform, more and more hosting providers are accommodating it. Not only the hosts but the developers are attracted towards it too since the development of free/open-source LiteSpeed Edition. Navicosoft provides LiteSpeed Hosting at affordable prices with ideally maximum uptime and 24×7 customer support with faster response time and issue resolution.

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