Hotel door locks: How do they work?

These are the most likely types of hotel room door locks:

  • They use magnetic locks to open the door.
  • RFID Door Locks use radio waves to open and close doors.

RFID hotel door locks are becoming more popular because they are easier to use, have better security, and don’t need keys.

Magnetic vs. RFID:

Each door locking system makes sure that only people who have the right keys can get in. Magnetic and RFID door locks work in completely different ways.

Magnetic Key Card Door Lock:

Access control magnetic door locks have been around for a long time because they are easy to use and cheap. In the same way that credit cards work, this type of hotel door lock has two parts:

  • The magnetic key card is the best way.
  • It reads door cards by door card reader.

The key card has a magnetic stripe that stores information that allows you to get into a hotel room’s door lock. Most of the time, this information is very simple. It usually includes a user access number, the dates that the person can use the system, and the room number, which is set up by the hotel when the person arrives.

As soon as the hotel guest puts their magnetic key card in the slot, the card sends its unique information to the hotel’s reader, which checks that the user information matches the person who has been given access to their room, and communicates with the lock so that they can get in. This process is called “card-to-card communication.”

There are some drawbacks to magnetic key card door locks for hotels, though: They’re cheap, but they don’t work very well.

  • There is a risk that the magnetic strip will get worn or damaged, as well as the card reader.
  • It’s easy to lose, which makes security less safe.
  • These cards can be easily hacked by cheap devices, which makes them less secure.

The hotel door lock system has an RFID chip in it, so it can be opened:

Traditional magnetic key card door locks don’t give hotels and their guests as many options as RFID hotel door locks do. RFID technology is used in a lot of different businesses to keep track of inventory and keep people out. When they’re used to get into hotel rooms, RFID door locks use a combination of the following things, depending on the system:

  • Reader: RFID door lock card.
  • Key fobs and cards with RFID chips are called key cards.
  • It is a device that is used on a
  • Bluetooth-enabled smart phones and tablets (i.e. smartwatch, etc.)

Users don’t have to put in or swipe a card with the RFID locking system. Instead, it communicates with the RFID reader on the door by being near and sending radio waves. Magnetic key cards have the same information as RFID cards, but when a guest checks in at a hotel, they can be programmed to let them in. As soon as the key card or smart device is waved in front of the card reader, the door lock reader gets the user’s information, checks that the person is allowed in, and unlocks the door for the person. This happens quickly and easily.

This new technology, which is used in RFID locking systems, has a lot of benefits for hotels.

  • Smart device access makes security better.
  • It doesn’t make sense to have a card that can be easily lost.
  • If RFID cards are used, they last longer.
  • There is no swiping or inserting, so there is no wear and tear on the reader.
  • It can be set up to let or stop people from getting into hotel amenities and other places.

GoKeyless can help you keep your business safe:

Our experts at GoKeyless can help you find the best security options for your business. It’s easy to choose a hotel door lock system that makes key management and guest access simple and safe, like our sleek Saflok QuantumIV lock. You can also find the right lock for your needs, budget, and guests!

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