AppLock APK For Android

If you are looking for an app to prevent your phone from being stolen, you’ve come to the right place. AppLock APK for Android provides a way to lock your phone. You must type a pin or register a password to unlock your phone. Before installing it on your phone, you must enable Unknown sources on your phone. To download AppLock APK’s latest update, now you can follow the link here>>

SpSoft AppLock APK For Android

SpSoft AppLock APK for Android is a secure app locker that locks your phone’s software. Depending on your app, it can lock your screen, prevent you from accessing apps in a certain location, or block access to your personal information. You can also set up custom lock settings for each app and select crash covers and app re-lock delays. While the UI is somewhat outdated, this app locker still has some unique features. It has options for auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts, and fingerprint scanning capabilities. You can also opt for a full version without ads or a subscription.

SpSoft AppLock APK for Android is lightweight and uses very little storage space. It has many features, including fingerprint, PIN, and pattern security. Fingerprint security is available for Android phones with an under-screen fingerprint scanner, enabling users to unlock private pictures and videos with a single tap. It also has a disguise feature, which lets you hide locked applications so unauthorized users cannot access them.

AppLock APK For Android

SpSoft AppLock is highly recommended.

SpSoft AppLock APK for Android is a highly customizable app locker. The free version allows you to lock individual apps or the entire phone. It can also protect your USB permissions and Bluetooth access. While SpSoft AppLock APK for Android is more lightweight than other app lockers, it still offers many useful features that will keep your data secure.


Multiple methods to unlock

While SpSoft AppLock isn’t the best applock for Android, it’s a decent option. It offers multiple methods of unlocking apps, including fingerprints and pattern, and it can also take a selfie if an app is blocked. It also has fun extras, such as showing a fake error message instead of a lock screen. In addition to these features, SpSoft AppLock supports over 30 languages.

Another useful feature of SpSoft AppLock APK for Android is the intelligent lock feature. This feature prevents unwanted screen rotation. It can also take a photo of an intruder if they try to unlock your phone. It also has a unique design and an excellent user interface.

Ultra AppLock APK For Android

Ultra AppLock is a free app that can be installed on Android devices. It is available from the Google Play store and has an easy-to-use interface. It is developed by ABXZ Inc. It weighs only 30 MB and works great on any Android device. It supports Android 5.0 and older.

This app can lock your phone and restrict outgoing and incoming calls. This will keep unwanted and dangerous numbers from calling your phone. It will also protect your personal information by hiding your pictures and videos from the gallery. It also lets you control the number of multimedia messages you send and receive.

Ultra AppLock is a complete security app for your Android device. It can hide any app and lock it with a password for total privacy. It also has many other features, including a battery saver mode and spam file cleaner. It also runs very fast and can be very useful in securing your phone.

Ultra app easily locks apps

Ultra AppLock allows you to lock your apps with a password or a fingerprint biometric. It also sends notifications when an app is being used without permission. It also allows you to set different profiles for your apps, hide private pictures, and even enable fingerprint recognition. While it may not be as advanced as other app locks on the market, it does provide all the essentials to ensure your privacy and security.

The app allows you to lock individual applications or the entire phone. You can even lock your apps according to what type of app they are. It also allows you to take a picture of any intruders using your front camera. The app also features a flashlight toggle in the notification bar. It also protects your phone from junk and virus infections.

Ultra AppLock APK for Android provides a high level of security with just one app. The app will keep track of all your personal information. If someone tries to steal your device, the app will automatically take a picture of the person trying to access the app. It also supports disguising, so you can hide the icon of your app lock to make it look like a system app.

Smart AppLock APK For Android

Smart AppLock APK for Android enables you to secure your apps. It does this through accessibility services like Wi-Fi networking. You can also set the app as the device administrator. In addition, it allows you to set a password to uninstall the app. You can also force-stop the app or uninstall it normally.

Smart AppLock APK for Android has a range of features, making it ideal for people with sensitive data on their phones. It supports biometric sensors like fingerprint scanners, so it’s perfect for any Android phone that comes with one. It can also create a master password to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, it can also take a picture of any unauthorized user trying to access the locked apps. If you want to secure your data further, you can even enable the app to display a fake error message to prevent unauthorized access.

Smart AppLock APK for Android is safe to download. It has an Everyone content rating and can be downloaded to Android devices that support 19 API or higher. Several versions of the Smart AppLock apk are available, including 4.2.6, 4.2.1, and 4.2.0.

Smart AppLock protects your data

Smart AppLock is an app locker and app protector that helps protect your personal data. This app is especially helpful if you share your device with someone else or if you leave it unattended. The app is also extremely flexible and allows you to customize the level of security. Depending on the level of privacy you are seeking, you can set a password, fingerprint, and pattern lock for additional security.

Smart AppLock is a good app locker for any Android device. The program automatically restarts your phone after you’ve locked it and has a delay timer to lock apps for a predetermined amount of time. This saves time as you don’t have to worry about the app being unlocked before you can finish using it.

AppLock is an application that allows you to lock and password-protect almost any type of file on your Android device. It can lock individual messages, applications, and even photos and videos. This makes your phone more secure because it prevents unwanted users from accessing your personal information. You can also hide the app from your app drawer or uninstall it if you don’t want it to be visible to anyone. However, applocks aren’t foolproof, and some tech-savvy users will still be able to bypass them.

FingerSecurity AppLock APK For Android

FingerSecurity AppLock APB for Android is a security app that lets you secure all of your applications using your fingerprint and a pin. It is compatible with Android phones with under-screen fingerprint scanners. It also comes with many features to make your phone more secure. These features include intruder selfies, automatic unlocking when the device is restarted, delayed app locking, and more. It is also easy to uninstall.

FingerSecurity is available in free and paid versions. Both free and paid versions allow you to set any image as your background. You can also use the application with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which makes it a great security measure. Once installed, FingerSecurity requires about a minute to activate. Make sure you add it to your whitelist if you use a task killer on your phone.

FingerSecurity is free

FingerSecurity AppLock APB for Android is a free application that offers fingerprint security for your apps. It also lets you lock your photos, videos, and call lists. It also offers an anti-theft feature that can take a photo of whoever’s trying to snoop on your phone. This security feature protects your phone from theft, unauthorized access, and even accidental uninstallation.

FingerSecurity AppLock APB for Android is one of the oldest free app locks available for Android. It was the first app lock to add a fingerprint feature. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t always reliable. You can also use a PIN or password instead. If you want to customize your phone, even more, you can install the premium version, which features a wide variety of wallpapers for your lock screen. The app also has a gallery option for images.

FingerSecurity AppLock is one of the best app lockers for Android. It allows you to lock apps with your fingerprint, lock photos and videos, and even lock your recent screen. It also protects your apps from being uninstalled. Another bonus is that FingerSecurity AppLock APK for Android doesn’t drain your battery, which is important if you want to protect your personal data.

FingerSecurity AppLock uses a fingerprint scanner, a PIN, or a pattern to lock applications. It even supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. If someone tries to access your apps, it takes a photo of them so that you can send it to the intruder.


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