What Shape Is Best For Moissanite Wedding Bands?

Which Moissanite Cut We Should Prefer?

Do you want to know the best cut or shape for a moissanite stone wedding band? Then you are at a perfect platform. In the following post, we’ll be discussing many different moissanite cuts that one may choose for mens moissanite wedding bands or wedding rings.

How to Shop For Moissanite Wedding Bands near Me?

These are the factors that you need to consider when searching for the best moissanite ring brand:

  1. Colour

Moissanite that is traditional is not white or colourless. But, based on the stone’s size, smaller variations would look so. Thus, it is advised to go for large-sized moissanites more than 5mm, which is ½ carat or more.

Moissanite stones of extreme quality will feature a sparkle equal to a diamond colour DEF.

  1. Carat

Moissanite wedding rings are much cheaper than diamond wedding rings. Thus, comparatively bigger size moissanite can be selected for a wedding band at a fairly reasonable price.

  1. Quality

Dispersion is a crucial factor to keep in mind when buying a piece of moissanite jewelry. Moissanite dispersion is very high, which is almost twice as much as diamonds. This makes it the most well-liked among diamond simulants.

The Most Popular Cuts for Moissanite Wedding Bands

  1. Square

Those choosing diamond gemstones, square-cut moissanite stone shows an ideal shape for anybody seeking a luminous, robust, and classic look. The square cut is featured to maximize its unique and unraveled shine, plus striking when bringing out a nice sparkling effect.

  1. Pear

The pear cut is quite identical to the oval cut. However, it is viewed as conventional or outdated. This amazing and enticing cut can go with any ring style or design. The pear-cut moissanite stone is incredibly brilliant, fixed in a modern or antiquated setting.

  1. Round

This shape is another popular cut for Moissanite Rings Wedding Bands. The round-cut gemstones come with 58 facets, perfectly positioned to replicate the maximum amount of light. The round brilliant cut is both elegant and classy and looks stunning in many different moissanite jewelry.

  1. Heart

The heart-cut moissanite is among the most feminine and passionate moissanite cuts having 58 facets. This is an ideal shape for an elegant engagement ring.

Heart cut is the most complicated shape to create because it demands rigorous accuracy from a specialist. Even if it is not very common at present, the heart-cut remains extraordinary and best for that never-ending love.

  1. Emerald

Emerald-cut is more than a hundred years old. It reflects clarity and colour like no other shape. The emerald-cut moissanite wedding band has a rectangular shape, along with 46 clear facets and longer step-cut edges. Even though it shines less, the emerald cut moissanite comes with great fire and brilliance for an impeccable gemstone.

  1. Cushion

Cushion cut moissanite is somewhat identical to rectangular or square cut, but it has trimmed edges. This cut is also called a pillow cut, and it is another very common moissanite cut. It showcases a perfect blend of round and square-cut, having an increased shine and enlarged facets.

  1. Marquise

Marquise is an antiquated moissanite cut and an elegant shape that has been existing for many hundred years. moissanite was formed in the 1700s as an honor to the Marquise de Pompadour. It has 54 facets, and the cut makes the stone appear bigger, which gives your future wife a feeling of lengthened fingers.

  1. Oval

The oval cut seems both elegant and old-fashioned. The oval moissanite wedding band rings come with 70 strategically positioned facets, giving the cut its stunning look. This cut or shape raises the brilliance of moissanite, which makes it an excellent option if you are looking for sparkle. Oval cut also has a tendency to appear bigger than normal.

Which Moissanite Cut We Should Prefer?

Every moissanite cut or shape comes with many advantages and drawbacks, plus a wide range of facets from 48 to 82, based on your preference. Round cut is the most sought when it comes to popularity, whereas the heart cut is very rare.

If we talk about the best shape, it is all based on what you prefer. But, the round brilliant cut can be the ideal preference if you are not certain about what you need.

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