How Do You Edit A Picture Of Jewelry?

It needs a bit of retouching while doing product photography, as while you zoom into product pictures, you notice spots, dirt, and other marks noticeable within the picture. However, these are not noticeable while looking at the product. As well, with jewelry and other metal items, you need to handle reflections, too.

Below we have discussed many (Photoshop) jewellery photo editing tools used to retouch product pictures. Bear in mind that some of these tools are based on your choices.

Effective Ways to Edit a Product Image

  1. Use spot healing brush to get rid of dirt and scrapes

This is among the most widely used brush-based correcting tools in product photography. To use it, you need to select the tool, choose the brush size, and then click & drag on the parts you want to mend. Photoshop scrutinizes the pixels surrounding those areas and substitutes the clicked part with those pixels nearby.

  1. Use smudge tool for a gradient sheen

The primary purpose of the smudge tool is to smudge colours close to a particular area of the picture. You just need to select the smudge tool, choose the brush size. Then, click & drag on the part you want to smudge.

  1. Use hue/saturation to change the colours of a picture

The hue/saturation is used to swap the colours or to swap the colours of the product. Let us assume that you possess the same jewelry design having 10 different gemstones. A few of them can be edited for colour in Photoshop; for instance, you can swap orange to yellow or blue to green.

Go to the image option, adjustments, and then Hue/saturation. Click on blue from the drop-down menu and play with moving the various sliders.

  1. Use clone stamp to mend certain parts of the picture

The clone stamp tool enables you to copy a part of the picture and locate it in a distinct part of the picture. How can you use the clone stamp tool? Just click on this tool, select the brush size. After that, click Alt and select the areas you wish to copy. Release the Alt button and click on the area you wish to mend.

  1. Use the dodge tool to lighten specific elements of the picture

The Dodge tool is somewhat identical to the brightness adjustments. But, this tool enables you to control which parts of the picture get brighter.

  1. Use contrast and brightness to make colours pop

You may have used contrast and brightness adjustments at some point; most free Ecommerce Photo Editing tools let you do this. Contrast makes the shades intense and makes the lighter parts of the picture contrast more with the darker parts. On the other hand, brightness, as the name suggests, helps in brightening the complete picture.

Giving a little contrast to the product picture makes it appear better. Brightness often has a tendency to bobble out the picture too much, and you lose details. However, it is based on your picture and lighting; thus, play with the sliders and see what seems the most outstanding. Keep your exploration on to learn more about ecommerce image editing.

What All Is Included In The Best Jewellery Photo Editing Services?

The most reliable jewelry photo editing services can help get the high-end jewelry correcting that encourages better sales and conversions.

At Jewelry Rendering Services, we outsource photo editing services to our expert team and have the desired experience. These are a few of the services you can get after deciding on Jewelry Rendering Services:

  1. Dust and Scratch removal

Since it is preferable to wipe the dirt from the item prior to taking pictures of it, a digital camera can capture flecks that naked eyes can’t. With our photo editing services, you can get this issue fixed. We’ll use the custom filters to hide every evidence of dirt and spots.

  1. Background editing

Each element of the product image must ideally complement the subject in focus. Our product image editing services incorporate a dedicated phase for backdrop editing to assure that your jewelry item remains in the public eye.

It can take a while to do jewelry photo retouching. It mainly depends on the number of edits the picture needs, the volume of the picture, and the number of resources working.


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