How to buy children’s shoes

How to buy children’s shoes? There may be many small partners who are confused about this. The following editor will introduce you to the specific purchase method, hoping to help you.


  1. Age, infants within eight or nine months of age have not started to walk. At this time, the baby basically does not need to wear shoes, and socks can be kept warm.
  2. Children aged 0-3 have completely completed the process from toddlerhood to independent action, and their body functions are relatively fragile, so they are suitable for wearing shoes with good flexibility. You can also visit at look fantastic discount code nhs 
  3. Children aged 3-12 have rapid physical development, and also have their own hobbies and sports habits. The shoes are replaced quickly, and the demand for sports shoes, basketball shoes, and football shoes is increasing.
  4. Children aged 12-16 begin to gradually enter puberty, and some children’s shoes even have the same needs as adults, but still focus on comfort.
  5. In season, summer shoes are mainly sandals, slippers and mesh shoes, spring and autumn shoes are mainly sports shoes, leather shoes and canvas shoes, and winter warm shoes are mainly cotton shoes and boots.

How to choose children’s shoes

The development of the children’s shoe market has sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Many manufacturers that only produced adult shoes have now begun to produce children’s shoes. However, many domestic children’s shoes, regardless of style or material, are made with reference to adult shoes, which are completely miniature or replica of adult shoes. Children wearing such shoes are not comfortable and are not conducive to the healthy growth of children. Shoes that are really suitable for children can not only protect children’s feet from external aggression, but also have functions that conform to the growth and development rules and physiological functions of children’s feet. So, how should parents choose a pair of healthy and comfortable shoes for their children? You can also visit at pretty little things discount code nhs

What should babies pay attention to when wearing shoes

Choose shoes with stability and protection
Feet in infancy are still soft and vulnerable. The ideal shoe should be soft and flexible, and the breathable leather material is the best choice for the upper material. Synthetic socks or shoes can prevent your child’s feet from breathing well, which can lead to conditions such as foot moss. Also, synthetic materials do not stretch very well, creating pressure on the foot that can damage a child’s growing foot.

Choose shoes that offer a fit in width and have half size
In fact, less than one-third of kids wear shoes that are “popular” sizes, so foot measurement and proper fit are important for each foot.
Check shoe size often
Children’s feet are so soft that they can fit into a two-size shoe without complaining of discomfort. Don’t put your child in shoes that are too small for their feet or socks that are too large, as this can cause their toes to bend, causing permanent damage to the growing bone.

Children’s shoes sales skills

Nowadays, most people like to compare or buy anything online. It is not an easy task to run a children’s brick-and-mortar shoe store. It is necessary to plan a qualified sales plan and sell the shoes so that they will not be eliminated by peers. Buyers can also check at boden discount code nhs 


Choose a good store location

No matter what you sell, if you choose a bad store address, you’ve already lost. If you choose a store in a place with less traffic, no one will come into the store to see it, and there will be no profit. Children’s shoes are generally bought by mothers or grandparents. It is best to choose a store near a commercial center or a vegetable market, where it is very lively.

cute shoes

It actually sells children’s shoes. There are more styles of shoes to choose when purchasing, and they have to look cute. If the shoes in the store are single, it will look old-fashioned. Parents bring their children into the store, there is nothing attractive, and they will not stay for long. Although you don’t understand the mind of a child, you must know that children like cute things most, and parents want to buy such cute shoes for their children to wear.

Don’t mess with the price

When the store price is listed on the shoes, it must be reasonable, and the sky-high price should not be arbitrarily marked. Suppose you buy shoes that cost 50 yuan and mark them for 300 yuan. Anyone who knows the goods will know that the price is too far from the quality of the shoes. If you buy it, you will lose too much and will not buy it again. The impact of random pricing is too great, so that sales have been discounted. Therefore, the price must be reasonably marked, so that people feel that it is worth the price, so that repeat customers will visit some promotions

The sales method should not be too simple, and some promotional activities should also be appropriately carried out to attract parents and children. For example: “Implement a free-to-buy activity, and send a small toy when the purchase is over 168 yuan. Children can’t resist toys. Occasionally do some promotional activities to attract new and old customers to buy, which is also a big sales.”

Small profits but quick turnover

In the process of opening a store, there will be more or less master bargaining experts, and they will talk about the price to death. When there is really no way, the store should also let go of the price, so that one step can be made without losing money. Small profits but quick turnover, making a little is a little better than not being able to sell and stock up.

keep up with the changing seasons

There are also seasons for selling shoes. Children wear different shoes every season, so it is necessary to keep up with the changing seasons. In order to avoid autumn, parents want to bring their children to buy seasonal shoes, but there are only sandals in the store. Without the shoes that are sold in the season, the rent of the store cannot be recovered.

share online

Of course, you can occasionally share the shoes you sell in the circle of friends and space to let them know that you are selling shoes. If they want to buy shoes for their kids one day, they will think of your store. However, it should be noted that it is only shared occasionally, and people will be disgusted if it is too close.

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