What Is Test Enanthate and Why Is It Used?

Various medical conditions start to surface as we age, which are very typical. Low testosterone is one of the conditions that many men can’t avoid as they grow older. The primary treatment for low testosterone is Test Enanthate, and this article discusses Testosterone Enanthate and its uses. However, we need first to understand the concept of testosterone. 


What is Testosterone? 

Testosterone is a hormone that the body makes itself, and it comes from the body’s main sex organs. Testosterone production usually starts after puberty and lasts for most of our lives, but it starts to decline after the age of 30. 


This hormone has to do with your sexual desire and how sperm forms in men. It also helps in bone and muscle development and growth. Further, it allows your body to make blood cells and store fat. 

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There are cannabinoid receptors in sperm cells and the pituitary gland, affecting testosterone production. However, research has it that CBD can help to balance your testosterone levels. 


CBD reduces the production of prolactin and cortisol hormones. These two neurotransmitters can inhibit testosterone production. So, one of the benefits of CBD in relationship with testosterone is that it can restore the normal production of testosterone. This is because your body produces both of these hormones in response to stress. 


Lower testosterone levels are a natural response to stress, whether physical or emotional. So, once CBD reduces the stress hormones, the testosterone level balances. 

What is Test Enanthate? 

Testosterone enanthate is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid that treats low testosterone levels in males. Anabolic drugs increase muscle mass, and androgenic drugs increase male traits. 


It’s a testosterone replacement with the same effects as natural sex hormones. During and after puberty, testosterone handles the development of many male characteristics. 

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Though there’s no clear evidence of how to test enanthate cures breast cancer, it stops tumor growth in women. Thus, slowing down the spread of the disease. This medication lasts for a long time, so you only need to take it once or twice a month. 


However, test enanthate should be a last resort for females with chronic inoperable metastatic breast cancer. Also, it is suitable for women who have a hormone-responsive tumor and have had their ovaries removed. 


You can get test enanthate at best price on reliable websites and certified health stores. However, be sure to check the color of this drug to ensure that it is not stale. 


Dosage of Testosterone Enanthate 

Test enanthate comes in a 5ml glass vial and is usually yellow. A doctor injects this medication into the patient’s buttocks every four weeks. It’s advisable to use test enanthate in small amounts to avoid large changes in hormonal levels. 




If you take this medication at home, you need to talk to your doctor for the right prescription. Also, learn how to appropriately store the test enanthate medication to avoid exposure. 


However, testosterone can increase your blood pressure, making you more likely to have a heart attack. So, it’s essential to check your blood pressure frequently. Further, overdosage could harm you, and you may experience small testicles or infertility issues. 

Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate 

Though this medication has several benefits, using it comes with some side effects. However, most of the side effects come with abusing the drug. These side effects include headaches, vomiting, acne, nausea, etc. The patient can also experience redness on the buttocks. It would be best to inform your doctor if these side effects don’t subside. 

However, it would be wrong to blame your doctor for these side effects because the aim was to treat you. So, sit with your doctor and explain how the drug affects you. This will help you to take precautions against the more dangerous side effects. These include amnesia, depression, feet swelling, and irregular heartbeat. 


While adding test enanthate to your medications, it’s necessary to inform your doctor of your other illness. Your doctor will look into your pills to avoid drug interactions with this information. 


Drug interactions can cause your prescriptions to perform. It can even put you at risk for dangerous adverse effects. Certain medications interact with testosterone enanthate. While using this drug, you may need to adjust some of your medications. 


The following are examples of possible medication interactions: 


  • A doctor should prescribe test enanthate to a heart patient with caution. Combining them increases the risk of fluid retention and congestive heart failure. 
  • When testosterone combines with anticoagulants, it reduces its efficiency. This increases your chance of bleeding. 
  • Also, as a diabetic patient, your medications have to be modified. The reason is that testosterone reduces the need for blood sugar and insulin. 


Not everyone knows what medication they’re allergic to, so it’s best to talk to their doctor about their other health conditions. The doctor can rule out your allergies and exempt or modify your other medications with this. Thus, avoiding more issues to the body system. 

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Also, it’s essential to inform your doctor of your medical history. This starts from medications you used in the past to other necessary information. 


Test enanthate has several benefits, mainly for men with low testosterone levels. However, it has some minimal and adverse side effects. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is another way to treat low testosterone levels.  

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