Tour Operators in Pakistan to Visit Top 5 Beautiful Valleys

Nothing is as perfect as nature, no place is as extravagant as natural scenery, and no breath bears serenity as much as you can hold at a beautiful place. Fortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries in the world which are adorned with natural beauty and beautiful scenery. Furthermore, the adventurers can never get tired of the adventures present there because they are unforgettable and uncountable.

Today we are going to discuss the best places to visit in Pakistan to bring yourself close to nature.

Hunza Valley-Skardu:

Hunza is a district with numerous valleys and villages. It offers unbeatable adventure and unlimited joy to visitors every single day. Passu cones bear the most iconic view of the valley from the Karakoram Highway. It attracts tourists from all over the world to please their eyes with the fascinating view of nature.

Another feather in the cap of Hunza valley is Attabad lake. You can never be fascinated with the fascinating beauty and charm of nature as much as these bright-blue turquoise waters. This lake is like a heaven on Earth in which fairies take a bath. You will feel you are in a dream even if you are standing right in front of this lake.

Kalash Valley:

Kalash valley is famous for its splendorous beauty, unbeatable culture, and the unimaginable beauty bestowed to the people of this valley. They are well-known and recognizable beyond the borders due to their religious beliefs, ethnic minorities, and cultural festivals. Kalash people live in wooden huts and homes above the cliff of the mountains. The culture enriches as their female wears bright-colored long dresses and head wears that make them unique and distinguishing.

When you visit this place, you will admire the beauty along with their culture. It’s true if you would say that the beautiful places are alive and take breathes.

Naltar Valley:

A valley with dramatic natural beauty has so much to endeavor to the tourists. It’s 34 miles from the city of Gilgit. The cultural beauty, food, nature, and hospitality of the people are remarkable. Once, you visit this place it’s hard to forget the experience for the rest of your life. Crystal clear waters with natural beauty allow the best skiing facility in the winter. However, to visit the valley in the summer is a worth remembering experience, and will add a memoir in the book of your most dreamy fascinating happenings in this life.

There are plenty of hotels, guest houses, and restaurants to offer their hospitality to tourists. The best month to visit the valley without any rush of excessive tourists is May or the end of the year.

Yarkhun Valley:

Yarkhun dazzles in its beauty because of its un discoverable beautiful villages, un-touchable mountain ranges, and forgettable tourist spot. Indeed, this valley has so much to offer to tourists. Moreover, it’s one of the most serene places I have ever visit in Pakistan.

You can explore the beauty of the thoi pass which connects the Yasin valley of Gilgit-Baltistan with the upper Chitral.

If you don’t have your vehicle, it’s hard for you to explore every corner of the valley. However, there are many tour operators in Pakistan that help you explore the inner, versatile, and undeniable beauty of the place and make your visit the most remarkable one in your memories.

Swat Valley:

The pride of Pakistan and the most attractive tourist spot which has plenty of adventures, beauty, thrills, and many more for its visitors. The stunning and marvelous valley is like a fairy tale for tourists. Kalam, Malam Jabba, Bahrain, and Ushu forests are the beauty of the swat valley. Despite its past, its future is stunningly bright with many more things to offer along with the hospitality of the tourists.

The natural landscapes of the valley make it the mini Switzerland of the country. The mouth-watering cuisine of this valley is also mesmerizing with its culture and the harmony among inhabitants.

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