How to Make the Check-Out Process at Your Hotel Better?

You and your guest will eventually have to say goodbye unless they plan extended stays. A hotel’s final impression on a customer might be just as crucial as the initial one in keeping them there.

When a guest checks out, you want to emphasize building a relationship rather than the transactional (i.e., bill) part of their visit. The intention is to convey your concern and give people a stress-free, easy-leaving experience to achieve that.

Tips Improve Your Hotel’s Check-out Experience

Being one of the best hotels in Jaipur, we have listed below six tips to improve your guest’s overall checkout experiences.

Check Out Gifts

Include a little present when your guest departs, with an accent on small, if you have the money to do so. They can only fit so much in their carry-on.

Food is a good option because it provides them something to munch on throughout the drive back, but it can be more difficult for guests with food allergies. A proactive action that can encourage repeat business is offering guests a coupon for a discounted future stay.

Giving a gift turns the bill from your final encounter with the hotel into a positive one (a treat). If you can make that treat specific to your hotel, bonus points.

Leave Visitors With a Smile

Show visitors out the door while grinning. Although technology is effective, it lacks a human touch.

Spend time thanking departing visitors for staying with you and wishing them safe travels. Good manners go a long way.

Engage in Feedback

By requesting feedback from visitors, you demonstrate that you are interested in their experience. They could be reluctant to express unfavorable opinions in person (which is where your post-stay survey comes in), but they also might be. It’s your last opportunity to resolve problems before they leave with a negative review in mind.

For improving the experience for the present guest, input from previous visitors also helps. Although they sometimes have it right, customers occasionally do. If numerous clients complain about the same issue—for example, that room service is too slow—worth it’s correcting.
That will help you avoid negative reviews and earn positive ones from future visitors who value their croissant being on time.

Additionally, it’s essential to maintain track of what your visitors value the most to continue performing and promoting them. Make sure your website and social media outlets prominently promote this feedback.

Describe Your Contactless Options

Self-check-out has the same benefits as self-check-in (no queues and no pathogens). Sometimes visitors are too busy to stop by the front desk and need help to catch their flight in your lobby queue. Instead, let them use their mobile devices to complete the transaction.

A self-check-out application integrated with the PMS will automatically send the guest an invoice so they can review and approve any payments they owe. Utilize a digital key integration, so the guest’s mobile room key is automatically deactivated upon check-out. For faster room turnover, an integrated self-checkout system keeps the front desk and housekeeping workers updated in real time.


Can you provide a shuttle to help visitors get where they need to go? An Uber app and a list of cabs as well? This will not only simplify the first leg of your visitor’s trip home, but it can also result in financial savings. Visitors may only sometimes be aware of the most practical or economical transit options, even in a new city. Any assistance is always appreciated with this!

After-Stay Messages

Your initial impression may not have been as accurate as you thought. Send a formal thank-you message to visitors after their stay, along with the feedback form.

Your system should automatically email guests a bill, and a thank you after they check out. (While they shouldn’t think about the cost too much, they need to know what it is.) Send a survey or review request as a follow-up after three to seven days.

You have the opportunity to ensure that customers have positive memories of your hotel during check-out. Consider your visitor’s stay as a sumptuous three-course feast. Given that the aftertaste lingers, you don’t want anything to ruin it.

A smooth check-out process that makes your guests feel valued will encourage them to eat another bite and return for another visit.

Anuraag Villa is a heritage hotel in Jaipur that offers you a pleasing experience of a nice contented stay in Jaipur with a very strategic location as the hotel is close to a bus stand, the main railway station, and even the walled city bazaar (city market) in proximity.


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