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Buy LG Washing Machine Online: Top Selling Models in 2022

Washing machines have become a must-have electronic appliance in recent times. Investing in a proficient washing machine will help you lower your workload and eliminate the hassles of hand washing. LG is one of the best brands you can get in the Indian market. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective option purchase the best-selling LG washing machines. It renders a quick and effective laundry routine. If you want to avoid financial constraints, you can get the best LG washing machine on EMI. 

To help you simplify your purchase process, here are the top-selling models of the best LG washing machines that you can consider buying for yourself. Keep reading to know more!

  • LG 8 kg Fully Automatic Top Load washing machine (T80SJSF1Z)

This intelligent LG washing machine 8kg has smart inverter technology, which aids in controlling energy use and preserving electricity. Since the machine is automated, there is no need for manual pre-cleaning. This washing machine is the only one that will handle everything. 

Additionally, the automated pre-wash option enables you to quickly and easily remove stains from clothing before you begin the cleaning process. The Smart Diagnosis function immediately scans for any problems and can swiftly assist in solving them. A few other intelligent features in this LG washing machine 8kg include Smart Motion, Turbo Drum, Auto-Restart, Wash Modes, and Time Delay.

  • LG 9 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

A strong 1400 rpm washing motor and Wi-Fi connectivity are features of the LG 9 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine. This washing machine includes 14 separate wash programs in addition to a touch panel. The Wi-Fi control on the machine makes sure that it’s effortlessly connected through the ThinQ app, to control and know all the specifics of your gadget.

Additionally, its TurboWash technology takes less time to clean your clothes. The machine’s jet spray, which is powered by your tap water connection, sprays water over your clothing to increase the effectiveness of the rinsing cycle. LG washing machine 8kg are good but this washing machine will surely give you a better experience. It is one of LG’s most expensive and exquisite washing machine options overall. You can buy this washing machine on EMI as well.

  • LG 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The LG 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine boasts a smart spin timer and three different wash modes. It features some rollers that create friction when it washes clothes to get rid of dirt, mites, and stains. Rat Away technology prevents rats from damaging the washing machine by releasing chemicals into the plastic base.  This semi-automatic top-load washing machine is ideal for couples and a family of three to five members. 

By rotating the tub at a high RPM and letting air through its vents, this gadget also eliminates additional moisture. This procedure is called wind jet drying. If your budget is about Rs. 15,000 and if you are looking for a washing machine on EMI, then this washing machine is an appropriate item and is widely accessible in most offline and online electronic retail stores.

  • LG 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The LG 6.5 kg Top Load machine has a clever inverter built in that adjusts energy usage based on how much electricity is required to use it optimally. BMC Motor Protection is another feature that protects the motor from dust and water. With a powerful water stream input from a spinning drum and an opposing-rotating pulsator, the turbo drum offers the most vigorous wash and eliminates the hardest stains.

This machine’s auto restart functionality for power outages. Additionally, LG promises that the tub of the washing machine won’t ever smell nasty. Tub Clean technology completely sterilizes both the inside and exterior of the tub. The washing machine is one of the greatest fully automatic gadgets in that price range and is easily accessible for less than Rs. 20,000 in India. If you are looking for a washing machine on EMI, then this washing machine is a good choice.

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