The Futuristic Ground-breaking Features of Gojek Clone App to Expand Your Business Quickly

For every entrepreneur, it is a dream to become a Millionaire quickly. With the pandemic hitting across the world, it has slowed down businesses worldwide let alone starting a new one. Luckily, the On-Demand Multiservice App solution is offering great traction to the entrepreneurs starting new.

This Successful Gojek Clone App business model has 70+ Multiple Services using one download and one login. The entrepreneurs are minting monies launching this Super App under Commission Per Order and Subscription Plans.

So, if you are new to this On-Demand Multi-services App the blog helps you to know everything about Gojek Clone and how you can expand your business.

What’s So Big Deal About This New Gojek Clone App?

We are living in a digitalization era, everyone has access to their smartphones thus, can accomplish the basic tasks quickly and hassle-free manner.

Gojek Clone Aka KingX2022 is designed to skyrocket your business along with bring convenience to your users’ lives. How? You have seen the plight of the people during the pandemic and how established businesses were shutting down. This is because they didn’t shift it to the digital platform.

On-Demand Market is growing and people are heavily relying on the On-Demand Multiservices apps like Gojek to fulfill their daily necessities. Furthermore, to add more convenience, the KingX2022 has come up with Futuristic and Groundbreaking features to its portfolio. So, let’s move further and discuss what are those features, making this Super App the most preferred choice amongst entrepreneurs across the globe.

Service Bid

To get things done, join with the world’s largest network of independent service providers. They can help you with small projects as well as large-scale transformations. Send out your “Bid Invitation” to local service providers. Get a matching service bid based on the service provider’s Bid Offer, Reviews, and Portfolio in just a few clicks.

Mason is looking for fall cleaning services to clean his backyard. He has a set budget, seeking only 2 days to finish the job. He posts his requirement using KingX2022 App using Service Bid Feature.

The post mentions everything from the budget to the deadlines. The feature matches it with the nearby service providers. Thus, helping him to clean his backyard spick and span exactly how he wanted.

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Online Video Consultation

We make it simple for your users to do work without leaving their homes, keeping in mind the “Social Distancing” trend. Using the Online Video Consultation feature, your users can connect with a variety of service specialties such as doctors, lawyers, legal advisers, teachers, fitness trainers, and other specialists. It can be linked to your Android or Apple device for face-to-face video conferencing. With just a few taps and clicks, you can schedule a private video consultation with verified service providers.

Understanding the feature with an example here

Amy was looking for a dentist. She scheduled an online video consultation with one of the best dentists in her area using the KingX2022 App.

Thus, avoiding a long wait time and risk of contracting the virus, she was able to get the consultation and resolution regarding her teeth health.

The above-mentioned features are just glimpses of the entire app, if you want to know more in detail, schedule your call with V3Cube Representative today. Additionally, you can customize your On-Demand Multi-services App like Gojek to meet your business requirements.

New UI/UX Signup Process

We simplified, sped up, the signup process. We don’t want your customers wasting time filling out long registration forms. Instead, we kept things brief and to the point. Our app now has a quick signup process that uses Face ID for Apple users, Fingerprint for Android users, and a Mobile Number to generate an OTP and log in.

Driver Reward Features

The feature is intended to motivate drivers to perform better and better each time they embark on a journey. For example, the driver was pleasant throughout the journey, was able to communicate in the language as many of the riders are not native speakers, did they know the route well, and so on. This assists them in obtaining a “badge” for providing excellent services to your users. The Admin can modify the reward feature based on the different levels by offering monetary as well as non-monetary rewards.

In Conclusion

The powerful Gojek Clone App is that Ace Card that can turn you into one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Do you want to make money quickly and easily? Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Then, immediately contact a Licensed White-Labelling company and go live with your very own Gojek Clone App in just 7 business days.

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