How to choose the right CNC lathe manufacturer

Anyone who wants to implement high-precision machining processes economically, efficiently and quickly today can hardly avoid using high-performance CNC lathes. In addition to the selection of the right lathe technology for you (see also our blog “Buying a CNC lathe – factors that you should pay attention to ”), the selection of the right lathe manufacturer for you is of great importance.

In the following you will learn how you can more easily find the right CNC lathe manufacturer for you.


Just like you, every CNC turning machine manufacturer has one or more target groups for which its product range has been developed and optimized.

The main thing is to find out whether your task or your company fits the target group of the machine manufacturer – and vice versa, of course.

Only then are factors such as spatial proximity, cultural differences, innovative strength and the will to innovate, service and spare parts concepts of the CNC machine manufacturer interesting for you.

We would like to structure your search a bit and give you tips on finding the right partner. How is a CNC lathe constructed?

You have made a choice. Congratulations! You have cleared the first and perhaps the most important hurdle.

If you have chosen a CNC lathe manufacturer that builds customized series machines, please read on and refine your search.


1. Development and construction

The development and construction departments (electrical, fluid and mechanical) are firmly in our own hands. And there is a balanced relationship between experienced and younger employees as well as between engineers, technicians and draftsmen. The proportion of these employees in the company as a whole should not be less than 10%.

2. Software development and application technology

The software development and application technology departments are firmly in hand. Here, too, the proportion of employees in the company as a whole should not be less than 10%.

3. Project management

The manufacturer has installed a project management system. The project managers are the mouthpiece for internal and external communication. You are responsible for adhering to the deadline and financial requirements.

4. Transparency

The manufacturer uses a functioning ERP system that is consistent across all departments. This creates transparency in the processes and ensures the high requirements in terms of documentation.

5. Pre-acceptance of the lathe

The machines are assembled in-house, the manufacturing processes are run in and tested. A preliminary acceptance is carried out at the manufacturer’s premises before delivery.

6. Air-conditioned measuring room

A good manufacturer of CNC lathes has an air-conditioned measuring room, equipped with all the necessary equipment and looked after by a specialist. This is the only way to prove machine and process capability.

7. Turning attempts

A very good manufacturer has at least one copy of each lathe in-house.

8. Service

Your own service organization with specialists on the telephone hotline, with the option of remote diagnosis and a good network of service technicians should be a matter of course. The same applies to the supply of spare and wear parts. A good manufacturer has customizable offer packages for this. The share of service employees in the overall company should not be less than 10%.

9. Visit to the manufacturer

All manufacturers assure you of these properties on the Internet and in colorful glossy brochures. Make yourself an on-site picture. A reputable manufacturer of CNC lathes will look forward to your visit at any time.

Therefore: choose your partner carefully for the future. At this point, keep the financial aspect low on your priority list.

You now have two to three machine builders to choose from, or you have already selected your supplier. Congratulations again!


And that’s good! In addition to the hard facts, trust your gut instinct.

After you have made your personal pre-selection of one (or more) possible suppliers, you would like to take the first steps together. You would like to make an inquiry for a machine tool and expect an offer.

How do you rate z. B. the following factors:

  • Task definition: Were your requirements seriously recorded, discussed and evaluated? Was there an employee of the mechanical engineering company in your company in this regard?
  • Inquiry documents: Did the machine builder’s employee have all the relevant documents from you, such as B. Technical and commercial specifications, drawings, quality criteria, acceptance conditions, delivery dates and budgets requested? This is the only way to ensure that you receive an offer that meets your needs.
  • Preparation of an offer: Did you receive the offer for the machine in good time? Was the offer understandable and comprehensive?
  • Sales representative: Were your appointment requests met? Was the sales rep on time? How was the seller’s demeanor? Was it authentic, technically well-founded and adequately prepared?
  • Communication: Are there language barriers or other difficulties in communication, e.g. B. through different time zones?
  • Customs duties and import restrictions: Are there any political restrictions in the country of the CNC machine manufacturer? Are there any customs duties? Are there any import restrictions? Country of manufacture: Is the company headquarters of the potential supplier in an Asian member state?
  • Service: Have you received offers for training, maintenance and spare parts? Where is the nearest service partner based? How is the service availability?
  • Innovations: How well-versed is the provider with regard to the requirements of digitization, keyword Industry 4.0?

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