Gojek Clone App Start Profitable Business In 2022

Apps like Gojek Clone are an All-In-One App. With this we mean that you get a pool of On-Demand Services that includes:

  • Food Delivery: On Time Delivery of your Penne Alla Vodka Pasta with extra Tomato Sauce and Cream.
  • Grocery Delivery: Get Doorstep Delivery of every ingredient for Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe in 20 minutes! With just a couple of clicks, Add to Cart Cayenne Pepper, All-Purpose Flour, Chicken Wings, Hot Sauce, Ground Black Pepper, and Garlic Powder.
  • Taxi Ride: Book a Taxi Ride from your Apartment on 32 E 3rd Street, New York to anywhere in the City within seconds. Pay the Taxi Driver via the In-App Wallet. This will save you from running to ATMS every time you’re out of Cash.
  • Medicine Delivery: Use the On-Demand Medicine Delivery Service to get your Prescribed Cough Suppressant – Dextromethorphan or Galantamine (Razadyne) for your Grandmother’s Second-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Car- Wash: Book At-Home Premium Interior & Exterior Detailing and Cleaning of your midsize SUV Chevrolet Traverse. You can Schedule the Service a day before so that you and your friends can hit the roads of Portland without a fuss.

What about the Gojek Clone App Owner? How will they profit from offering these Services?

The Reality is that they generate a bulky amount of Profits from the Service Providers who Register on their App. The App Owner is giving them the Platform to render their Services to a Wider Audience. Thus, they will ask the Service Provider to pay Commission or ask purchase one of their Subscription Plans.

App Owner can choose only one of the two Business Models to rake in Profits.  

Sebastian owns an On-Demand Multi Services App. His Business is spread across 4 cities in the States – Omaha, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. He offers 70+ Services on the App.

Profit-Making through Commission-Per-Service

City’s Top Beauticians are registered on Sebestian’s App. So, if a Female Hair Treatment Expert registers on his App, she will have to enter into a Contractual Agreement with the App Owner. This Contractual Agreement mentions the Commission Rate that she’ll have to pay on every Single Service rendered via the App.

The App Owner designs and decides the Commission Rates depending on the genre of the Services offered on the App. This means that a Grocery Store Owner, a Beautician, or a Dog Grooming Individual will have a different Commission Rate that they’ll have to pay to the App Owner.

Earning via Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans:

One-Time-Payment that the Registered Service Provider has to pay to the App Owner to purchase a Suitable Plan. The App Owner is the sole creator of these Plans, their Prices, and the included Features.

For instance, a Taxi Driver registering with the Gojek Clone App will first need to purchase one of the Subscription Plans out of many. These Plans can be named as – Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual Plans.

The registering Taxi Driver chooses the Half-Yearly Plan. Now, he will have to pay an amount of US$699 to the App Owner to purchase this Plan.

With the purchase of this Subscription Plan, the Taxi Driver no longer has to pay Commission on every Ride.

This Plan will come with an Expiry Date after which the Taxi Driver will stop getting Service Requests.

However, the App Owner will send In-App Push Notifications to remind the Taxi Driver about the Plan Renewal. The App Owner can start sending these Notifications at least 5 days before the Expiration Date.  


Make easy and quick money with Apps like Gojek. Start building your own App with a Licensed White-Labeling Firm. 

Become the first Billionaire of your family! Connect with the experts at the Firm and Go Live with the App in just 7 Business Days!

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