The Most Effective Method for Liquid Damage Fix of Mobile Phones in 8 Steps


Regardless of how savvy your mobile phone is, it doesn’t have the idea of how to swim. With all the outside water sports that continue throughout the summer, keeping your mobile out of water can be an intense task.

So what is the most effective way to shield your phone from water damage before you head off to the ocean side or pool? Putting mobile phones and other gadgets into a drifting waterproof bag is always the best option. It additionally really smart to find ways to keep your phone from overheating, as that can make harm your gadget too. However, in the event that your phone goes all in, here are significant hints from our specialists that you’ll have to know.

Steps to Fix Liquid Damage of Mobile Phones

This is the way to get water out of your mobile phone:

  1. Assuming your telephone falls down, eliminate it from the fluid right away. The more it stays there, the more fluid will saturate the break around your screen or into different gulfs.

2. Switch the mobile phone off and don’t turn it on until the water / liquid has dried up

3. You need to remove the protective case.

4. In the event that conceivable, open the back and you can remove the battery, SIM card, and microSD card as well. 

5. With a fabric or paper towel wipe completely to make the mobile phone dry. Try not to rub the phone, as doing as such could inadvertently drive fluid into the phone’s more sensitive parts. You may attempt delicately vacuuming around the phone’s breaks and openings to suck more water out if the mobile has gone completely into water.

6. Don’t hurry to make it fry by keeping it in sun. Keep it in a cool, dry spot. The old rice idea isn’t entirely dependable, yet silica gel parcels like the ones that frequently accompanied new items, for example, a couple of shoes-have demonstrated to be substantially more viable. 

7. Fill a plastic zip-top sack with silica gel and cover the telephone taken care of. Leave your mobile phone for no less than 24-48 hours.

8. After you’ve permitted your telephone to completely dry, switch it on. In the event that it doesn’t dismiss on right, try charging it to check whether that has an effect.

Take Assistance If Required

Assuming that your phone is ok, fantastic! All things considered, watch out for it throughout the following week or thereabouts, as now and then certain highlights won’t work the manner in which they used to.

Assuming that you’ve attempted these means and still need a little assistance, we’re close to the corner. Plan maintenance at the closest Mobile Phone Repair and our affirmed specialists can get your gadget back going when that very day and liquid damage fix for your mobile phone.

Check Out Some FAQs 

  1. How to tell that the mobile phone has water damage?

There are a couple of clear signs to search for to affirm the liquid damage to your gadget:

  • Visual presence of water or vanishing (or dried region markings) behind the screen
  • Rust marks will be visible at ports
  • Discolored Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI). The LDI is regularly situated in the earphone jack, battery compartment or SIM plate space. Assuming your phone has water harm, the LDI will seem red or maroon.

2. Is blow-dry advisable to fix liquid damage of phone?

Blow drying your phone when it’s gone in water isn’t suggested. While it may eliminate a portion of the surface dampness, it will do very little to eliminate the dampness from inside your gadget. Also, the hotness could cause hopeless harm to your mobile phone’s inner parts.

3. Does keeping the mobile phone in water can fix the damage?

Placing your water-damaged phone in rice might ingest some dampness. In any case, it might likewise cause different issues for your mobile phone, like a presentation of residue and dry starch (a rice side-effect) into your telephones breaks and hole. Rice could likewise possibly become stopped in your telephone’s charging port or earphone jack, which can be very hard to remove as rice grows when presented to fluid.


It’s always better to consult with the best mobile phone repair shop.

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