Tips to Design Custom Macaron Boxes That Can Lift Your Business

Customized packing boxes are widely used around the entire world. In the bakery industry, these boxes come in many shapes and sizes to fit a variety of bakeries such as macarons. Indeed, custom macaron boxes offer a number of marketing benefits.

If you own or want to open a macaron business, you know how important it is to have unique printed macaron boxes with a stunning design to build your brand and reputation.

Those bakery customers always want more than just a macaron. Yes, they will always get excited to get a better customer experience. Accordingly, it is recommended to pack your macarons in special packaging. In this post, we will give you some tips to design custom macaron boxes that can lift your business. 

Color and Design That Complement Each Other

Yes, you can customize the packaging boxes however you want. On the other hand, one thing you should consider when designing your custom packaging boxes is to get the color and design to complement each other. Simply put, the colors and designs of your printed macaron boxes must match.

For instance, if you have a vibrant packaging design, the colors should be vibrant too. In the end, from the design of your packaging, you can convey your brand message through tones, graphic images, and a classic slogan.

Choose Only High-Quality Packaging Materials for Your Boxes

There shouldnever be any compromise in this context. You definitely need to use high-quality materials for your macaron boxes wholesale. Why? Because the material must provide maximum protection and make your macarons more charming and stylish.

Like cardboard, this material is exclusively used for the manufacture of packaging boxes for bakery products such as macarons. The reason is that this material provides the type of requirements that customers expect. In this way, the cardboard packaging boxes will protect your macaron products from environmental harm. In addition, it will eventually keep your sweet macarons in perfect condition.

Kraft is another quality material commonly used to make custom macaron boxes. Because this material is environmentally friendly, it allows customers to easily dispose of the boxes after using them. This will eventually be freeing the environment from pollution. With growing concerns about saving the environment, these eco-friendly boxes will reflect how reliable your brand is.

If you prefer to use ecological materials, you should not forget to redesign your packaging in earthy and natural colors.

Apply Windows to Your Printed Macaron Boxes 

To attract customers’ attention, you need to show them what is in the unique bakery boxes. We know customers cannot taste your macarons until they buy them. Well, why not let them take a look inside to pamper your taste buds? These customers will be more enticed in buying your delicious macarons if they see the true shape of the product.

This is where printed macaron boxes with windows are perfect for attracting more customers and consequently increasing sales. By applying the window on the boxes, it will provide transparency for your customers. By doing this, you can eventually drive those customers to decide to bring your delightful macarons home.

You can utilize a clear PVC sheet for die-cut windows on the boxes. Customizable windows allow you to change shapes and styles according to the preferences of your prospective customers. Most importantly, it allows customers to see the macarons inside without compromising the durability of the package.

Consider Different Shapes and Sizes of Your Boxes

Your own custom macaron boxes design can really boost your macaron business sales. In fierce market competition, innovative packaging design is a must to differentiate your macaron brand.

However, this does not mean that great design is the only thing you need to keep in mind. Instead, consider everything else as well. Measuring the box size to make it easier for your customers to carry is another thing to keep in mind.

There are many custom macaron boxes of different shapes and sizes. These boxes are very light and easy to ship when you need to deliver your macarons over far distances. Macaron packaging made from high-quality materials ensures that your macaron remains intact until its destination.

Ensure All the Details of Your Macarons Are Visible

With great customization capabilities, your printed macaron boxes with logo will be an impressive representative for your prospected customers. Displaying your great brand logo and highlights will help present your remarkable brand image to your customers.

Clean design is a trend these days for macaron packaging, which is important to ensure that all the details are visible. Your bakery and brand name, logo, ingredients, slogan, and prices should be stated on your product packaging. With your brand logo and product identity, your favorite customers will always recognize your brand, no matter where they see your customized boxes.

In addition to this, you also need to educate your expected customers by adding all the details to your custom macaron boxes. Plus, you can also add discount coupons to encourage customers to make purchases and become regular customers in the future.

Partner With a Reliable Packaging Supplier

Various types of macaron boxes wholesale can be used for different occasions. By applying packaging improvements, you can easily enhance the experience for your dear customers. To achieve this goal, you will need to partner with a reliable packaging supplier like Silver Edge Packaging. By working with us, you will be able to explore a wide variety of boxes with marvelous designs.

At the end of the day, only the most charming custom macaron boxes would take your business to a higher level of success. For this reason, creating and selecting a packaging design that matches your brand personality can be the best way to grow your business. Subsequently, we offer a full customization option for your boxes. This way, you can leverage your creativity by customizing the sizes, shapes, and styles of your packaging boxes.

In addition, with Silver Edge Packaging, you can always get help from our experienced designers to create stunning printed macaron boxes. What’s more, we’ll be happy to provide you with our free professional design support.

Not to mention, equipped with the latest offset and digital printing equipment, we could ultimately print your company name and brand logo on the box.

So, are you interested in these impeccable macaron boxes wholesale? If so, Give us a call, we would deliver them with a free shipping service. 

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