What are the advantages of Damascus steel knives?

So why are Damascus steel knives so famous?

Everyone has heard a lot of myths and legends about Damascus steel, which attribute incredible, simply fantastic abilities to this material. 

Many Damascus fans sincerely believe in the ability of the material to cut nails without damaging the blade itself! Many believe that if a knife made of such steel is not capable of cutting metal like melted butter, then Damascus is not real. Therefore, there is a reason to figure out why Damascus steel knives are good, and whether they have such supernatural characteristics.

Damascus steel

Damascus steel is a special kind of steel, which is produced by repeatedly forging a package consisting of different grades of metal. The name of the material comes from the city of Damascus, where traces of such a product were first discovered. 

However, Damascus was more famous for the trade than blacksmithing. So there is a higher probability of such material appearing in eastern countries, and Damascus was a place for selling knives and other steel products.

There are two types of Damascus steel:

  • Refined.
  • Welding.


Refined steel only nominally belongs to the category of Damascus steel, since it is made from one type of billet. In this case, during repeated reforging, harmful impurities are completely removed from the alloy, which hurts the performance of the finished product. 

This type of processing is intended not to give the material a peculiar appearance. In the form of original patterns on it, but to improve consumer characteristics. Through this action, carbon atoms are evenly distributed inside the blade, and the quality of the blade reaches truly cosmic heights.


However, the so-called welding Damascus steel is more widespread. To create it, several steel blanks are used, which have a different carbon content in their composition, and, accordingly, are characterized by different consumer qualities. 

The percentage composition of carbon in Damascus steel reaches 1.3%. As a result, high-carbon layers acquire increased hardness and give the blade elasticity, and layers with a low carbon content cannot be hardened and act as a shock absorber, giving the blade flexibility and plasticity.

The most characteristic distinguishing feature of Damascus steel is the layered pattern. The optical effect is achieved due to the many layers of steel of different compositions. Some manufacturers enhance this effect by etching or polishing the blade. 

Therefore, it is not recommended to grind Damascus steel products so as not to spoil the pattern. Gift knives made of Damascus steel have become widespread. High aesthetic and strength characteristics make it possible to manufacture knives for almost any direction of use.

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We can highlight the main advantages of Damascus steel:

  • The blade keeps its sharpness for an incredibly long time. Hunters’ comments testify to the ability of such a blade to skin and butcher three or four wild boars, one elk, beaver, and process several tens of kilograms of fish without intermediate sharpening. The hunting knife made of Damascus steel has all the characteristics that are so appreciated by true hunting fans.
  • An organic combination of flexibility and hardness is achieved by using blanks with different carbon content…several disadvantages can
  • High aesthetics and status of the blade.

However, there are several disadvantages that can complicate the use of a Damascus steel knife:

  • Weak corrosion resistance. The almost complete absence of alloying elements and high carbon content causes corrosion. When using the knife in conditions of high humidity or if it is not cleaned in time. The remnants of the processed material, traces of rust may appear on it. But in fairness, it is worth noting that in recent years, manufacturers have been producing blades from stainless Damascus more and more.
  • Requires special storage conditions – in a dry place. Avoid contact with acidic and alkaline environments, even of natural origin, so as not to damage the pattern.
  • Not intended for throwing.
  • It has a higher cost compared to conventional steel grades used in knife production.

There is no doubt that Damascus steel knives are in extremely high demand due to their unusual “predatory pattern” and high strength characteristics. You can buy a knife with a Damascus blade in Kyiv both in retail chains, from an authorized dealer, and on the Internet. The best price in our online store for Damascus steel knives is verified by experts and regular customers. World brands with exemplary quality products within a minute’s reach for every visitor. We guarantee fast delivery across Ukraine and actively cooperate with manufacturers of the best Damascus steel knives.

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