How to improve the conversion rate for your healthcare landing page?

When creating your healthcare landing page, keep conversion rates in mind. If you have worked with online ads before, you are familiar with the term “conversion rates.” But how do conversion rates apply to your healthcare landing page?

When it comes to conversation rates refers to landing pages, it means having as high a percentage of people as possible visit your website landing page and complete a task. So, the purpose of this task and your goal will be to schedule an appointment at your clinic. When creating a healthcare landing page, you also determine the best methods for converting visitors to patients. Conversions and landing page design are like two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable and should not separate.

But how can you improve the conversion rate for your healthcare landing page? In this article, we will tell you how it has done with the help of a digital marketing agency for doctors. Firstly, let’s get the fundamentals down.

What is a healthcare landing page?

A healthcare landing page is the first page your patient sees when they visit your website.

The landing page is the runway if your website is the airport.

Across many cases, your landing page will be your homepage, but there may be times when you need to make different landing pages. For instance, you may want to talk to a market niche of your audience by creating a landing page for them.

A landing page is your first opportunity to make an excellent first impression on your target audience. After that, the goal is to make it your last image.

Okay, but what exactly is a conversion rate?

It is the percentage of visitors to your landing page who take the action you want them to take. For example, perhaps you’d like to collect sign-ups for a new newsletter you’ve just launched. If you get ten visitors to your healthcare landing page and two of them sign up, your conversion rate is 20%.

Enough with the math; let’s talk about improving the conversion rate for your healthcare landing page.

1. Make an eye-catching headline for your landing page.

According to a study, the average website visitor’s attention span is around 8 seconds. So only 20% of visitors would read past the headline if that wasn’t enough.

In contrast, the odds stacks against you. But, on the other hand, a great headline can turn those numbers on their heads (we’re pretty sure numbers don’t have leads, but you get the idea).

Writing a compelling headline understands how much your target audience already knows about you. For example, if patients are a warm lead, it’s likely they already know what you have to offer.

If so, they found you thru a cold source (such as a Facebook or Google ad), the title of the article will have to collaborate harder to ensure that any visitor to your landing page understands why they should keep scrolling.

Here’s a recent landing page a healthcare marketing agency put together for their clients, Alsa Pakistan.

Because this landing page creates to target diabetic patients, they knew that anyone who landed on this page would most likely be unfamiliar with the treatments offered by Alsa Pakistan. So, their headline messaging focused less on informing their audience about what was on offer. Instead, it focuses more on establishing that all-important trust (more on that later).

Understand what your audience needs to see in those first few seconds. Also, make sure your headline delivers on that promise. You can also engage a digital marketing agency for doctors to assist you better.

2. Concentrate on encouraging a single action.

A healthcare marketing agency works with clients confused about why their landing page receives a lot of traffic but no conversions. Most of the time, it’s because they’re expecting too much from their audience.

A healthcare landing page should serve a single purpose. First, it is to create a consultation inquiry. It’s to get patients to sign up for your newsletter. In any case, every aspect on that page must be working together to achieve that goal.

Giving our audience, many call-to-actions CTA is the worst thing we can do. You’ll need two separate landing pages if you want people to sign up for your mailing list and then book a consultation.

3. The significance of establishing trust

Building trust with your patient is critical in any field, especially in the medical industry. On the most fundamental level, it tells that your landing page should be designed free of typos and contain accurate information.

But, to establish trust, we must build on that foundation. You can do this via various means, including patient testimonials and referencing any media recognition you may have received. Awards are also an excellent way to reassure viewers that you can be relied on to keep your promises.

4. Your landing page’s call to action

Consider your CTA. What are you requesting of your audience?

In the medical industry, the service on offer is unlikely to be purchased on a whim. Instead, Buy-in in this field is more often than not the result of careful consideration.

As a result, instituting a pre-purchase step may be prudent.

In the case of Alsa Pakistan, they determined that the landing page’s sole purpose should be to encourage visitors to book a consultation. It’s a low-effort action for the customer, but it results in a strong lead for the client.

Whatever you choose for your CTA, make completing the action as simple as possible. For example, conversion rates will be low if visitors to your landing page fill out a three-page form. In addition, UX issues such as a broken email field or a flawed payment system will significantly impact your ability to convert prospective customers.

Keep in mind that you are competing for your audience’s attention. Therefore, make sure that patients do not have the option of looking elsewhere.

We’ll say it once again: make things simple for the reader.

It is worth emphasizing.

Your target audience should not have to work hard to figure out how to take action. Instead, that burden falls on your shoulders. When a visitor persuades to visit your landing page, it should be unambiguous what they should do next.

It means consistent, visible CTAs, clear and uncluttered formatting, and, in almost all cases, a sensible approach to the number of words on the page.

The internet is full of distractions and noise. Your landing page is a haven dedicated to one goal: conversion.

5. The effectiveness of trial and error

Finally, it is critical to test your landing page regularly. Keep a close eye on the results and make adjustments as needed.

The more in-depth your analysis from a healthcare digital marketing agency, the better will be your landing page. For example, you may have discovered that users spend approximately 30 seconds on your landing page before leaving. That could imply that your landing page should be more precise or that the content following the headline isn’t retaining attention as well as it should.

We like to treat our landing pages the same way we treat our houseplants. Check in on them, make adjustments as needed, and show them some love. As a result, they’ll keep increasing your conversion rates.

If you’re working on a healthcare landing page and could do with a hand, why not speak to a digital marketing agency for doctors.

Last but not least, it does not happen overnight.

The digital marketing agency for doctors get a lot of customers asking the same questions:

  • My conversion rates are terrible—how can I improve them?
  • What are some simple ways to increase conversions?
  • How can I improve the conversion rate of my healthcare landing page?

Landing pages are an essential component of all your marketing efforts — email campaigns, Text messaging, paid search, paid social, organic social, and all other best internet marketing services. So make sure they are optimized for success. Whatever industry you’re in, if you’re creating landing pages, you should try to convert visitors who arrive there. Try out the tips above and keep an eye out for increased conversion rates!

You can also take the assistance of a healthcare marketing agency such as Navicosoft to improve the conversion rate for your healthcare landing page.

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