Some Common Root Causes of Poverty

Poverty is not something that is happening in any specific country; it is the most common issue that people are facing worldwide



Poverty is not something that is happening in any specific country; it is the most common issue that people are facing worldwide. According to the research, there are 700 million people worldwide who are surviving on less than $1.90 each day

In the 90s, the ratio was double of people surviving on less than this amount. Poverty not only depends upon income but also on access to services. The income level that defines poverty is different from one place to another. It’s due to this reason that many people have to look for Unsecured Credit Debt Services. 

According to the research, it is dependent on the social condition of the existence of people, lack of food, shelter, and clothes. If we talk about Tampa specifically, the infatuation is increasing day by day. An ordinary person who has less source of income cannot get anything according to his desire. 

Here are some basic reasons for poverty that people are facing worldwide.

Fewer Job Opportunities

The most highlighted issue people think about is poverty: lack of jobs or lack of job growth. When a person has not had a good job, he is not earning well. On top of that, millennials’ love-hate relationship with jobs is not helping. Unemployment and underemployment are the two major factors that often contribute to poverty. 

We live in a world where we prioritize capital and race. Everyone does not get an opportunity for a good job based on his skill-based. The human resource department always prefers reference-based candidates’ which is not good. When you hire an inexperienced person for the senior designation, then it would be unfair with the other experienced person.

Lack of Education

According to UNESCO, more than 170 million could be free of extreme poverty if they only had reading and writing skills. However, it means you cannot get a good job without an education. Education matters a lot in most of the events of practical life. If a person does not have any communication skills, they would never be able to score well in their useful life. 

There are several reasons for illiteracy. The family wants their kids to work and earn some money; people couldn’t find any school nearby at some places. Lastly, people do not want their girls to be educated because sexism and gender discrimination come from a narrow mentality.

Zero Government Support

If you get government support for social and economic issues, you can have a better lifestyle in Tampa. But, it all depends upon the government! In many countries, the government is unwilling to support or serve the poor. The ultimate meaning of this sentence is governments are not providing the essentials like food, funds, clothes, or shelter to the poor ones.


Weather Changes

The World Bank says weather changes have the power to diminish over 100 million people in the next decade. Moreover, climate change will indirectly damage the earth’s economy through floods, drought, and extreme storms. The country’s government will invest in it to recover the loss, and then the financial budget will be destroyed. If the weather is extreme or if you live in a noisy area, you should get Soundproof Window Installation


Racism, gender discrimination, sexism, commodity, and other social injustices are the main reasons for unemployment in most countries. People who target these social issues need to struggle to get the right job opportunity, getting a good education from some reputed institute. Women are the most targeted ones, who are not even allowed to get an education; job opportunities are impossible for them. Differences based on race and religion are a very common issue in Tampa. Racial minorities are the most vulnerable because they cannot fix the environment or get education easily due to certain social boundaries. 

Lack of Basic Needs

Everything a man/woman does for the sake of food, clothes, and shelter. Without access to essentials, you cannot get out of the circle of poverty in Tampa. People who take daily wages and do full-time jobs are struggling very hard to fulfill all their essentials, and when it isn’t very reassuring at the end of the day. All money goes on food, clothes, or shelter will never let a person save any money for the hour of need. 

Lack of Infrastructure

Infrastructure refers to the internet, road, bridges, public transport, etc. When communities or families live separately, they need to spend a lot of cash, energy, and time getting to places. Improper routes will lead them to some basic financial issues. Without good infrastructure, traveling will cost you a lot, and unfortunately, all your salary will go there. 

Tax and High Costs in Tampa

The last and the most understandable root of poverty is high costs and taxes. In most countries, people have to pay 16% to 20% extra on everything as a tax. In a place where a person’s wage is not more than $1.90, how could they pay that large amount of tax? 

Food prices are very unpredictable. Let’s suppose one-day apples are $2, another day that will be $3 or $4. Some researchers say that 60-80% of a poor person’s salary goes towards buying food. Why is that? Because of the high rates of food and other households. 

If you are a national of the country you are living in, you have an opportunity of taking a loan. You can fulfill your needs on time by taking loans where you can avail various affordable personal loans. This is one of the good opportunities for those who are looking for companies that are giving loans. An ordinary person who is doing a job or has less source of income cannot afford everything when the rates of everything are so high; in order to fulfill the basic needs he needs to take some loan. 

Other than this, we can remove poverty from the world by accepting these causes. 

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