How to Translate Social Media Posts Accurately?

Social media presents your business on a global scale. It is a platform for research and marketing. Therefore, any negativity online can adversely impact the brand. However, the situation is avoidable by working with lingual expertsto attract a global audience. Here is why should hire human translators rather than AI for social media marketing

Do not translate hashtags

Hashtags are very commonly used in social media now. You will find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, they are lesser used in the latter mention. The hashtags allow users to filter through posts to discover what they are looking for. It can include a fashion item, a celebrity picture, or a location. In addition, the tool lets social media enthusiasts browse similar posts too. It helps build community since captions have the exact words.

Alas, hashtags can be tricky, especially since there is no universal social media language. When translated, it can also change context and switch places in a sentence. This brews trouble for the intended audience.

Avoid using automated translators

Ifyou are using a machine translator for a social media Turkish translation, ensure the automated translation is restricted. Otherwise, this can be very troublesome. For example, a social media post about Turkish public transportation can confuse the readers regarding the content. Assuming the message mentions the reason for delayed stops, it affects millions of people who use public transport daily.

Therefore, when matters revolve around social media translations, always hire experienced linguists working at Kings of Translations. We ensure translations do not cause offence and eliminate confusion while maintaining the contextual integrity and quality of the message.

Translations involving dialect

Turkish translation using mechanical mediums such as AI tools is often termed useful. However, in social media posts, it is not reliant. The results can be catastrophic if the language has dialects that vary throughout the land, such as Turkish dialects.

The list includes Balkan Turkish, Cypriot Turkish, Anatolian, Syrian Turkmen, and Karamanli Turkish. Because of the variances, brands and businesses cannot simply use machine translation. Customized translated content shows the customer they are important rather than a mere cash grab. Suffice to say, investing in proper resources goes a long way.

Don’t forget to localize

One of the most widespread mistakes companies make is not factoring culture into the translation. Localizing involves incorporating cultural knowledge and heritage background to appeal to the target reader. As guessed correctly, an AI machine translator does not consider such input when performing Turkish translations.

The localized translations portray a cohesive message to the audience or reader. It shows the companies care about their customers and values their presence. In today’s modern market, a culturally diverse customer base is crucial in generating goodwill and ensuring the company stays relevant in the long run.

Don’t forget to translate images too!

When localizing a social media post, consider the whole picture. It is not only about the text but also images too. The photographs and other visual media used in the posts carry a serious impact. Therefore, don’t forget to translate them either. Assuming the photos does not represent the text. In that case, the disconnect will force the customer to look elsewhere.

The colours used in the images must represent the culture and the target customer. Furthermore, common social signs such as a thumb’s up and a peace sign have different offensive interpretations in numerous countries. Before posting on social media, the brand must undertake thorough research to avoid negative publicity.

Kings of Translation is your social media marketing expert

We understand hiring a translation agency can be expensive. However, the sustainable return on investment is in the long run. Work with Kings of Translation to translate social media posts to attract new customers. Visit our website to submit a quote or schedule a meeting through phone or email.

We look forward to building a professional relationship with future clients.