Purpose and Benefits of Using a Better Engine Oil!

What happens if you’re driving on a road and the fuel light shines from your speedometer? Do you even know what that means? Have you ever tried to figure out what’s happening inside the engine hood?

If lubricant oil hadn’t been there, these metal parts would have been rubbing against each other. Engine oil or motor oil’s purpose is to lubricate these parts, reduce friction and minimize the heat from scraping against each other.

Purpose of Engine Oils

There are so many purposes of how engine oil can help your engine last longer. A few of them are explained below:


The major purpose of engine oil is to clean the residues left within the parts that are difficult to remove otherwise. All the residues and impurities are carried out with engine oil to the oil filter which keeps the engine surface away from all such impurities.

Corrosion-free Engine

Without engine oil, metal would’ve corroded due to continuous scraping against each other. In addition to this, the combustion process releases corrosive acid that can increase engine and its parts’ corrosion at a faster rate.

However new chemicals added to the modern engine oils help slow down the corrosion process. If engine oil gets oxidized, the corrosion inhibition process may stop. That’s why it is important to change engine oil on time.


The friction produce heat between parts and combustion, engine oil helps to reduce it. The better the quality of the oil, the better the temperature gets. We must change the engine oil with the time being because continuous high temperature results in strength loss.

Benefits of Using Engine Oil

Various benefits can save an owner from costly engine repairs. Reduced or overused engine oil can severely affect an engine.

Ensuring a Longer Lifespan

Engine oil helps in cleaning the engine and minimizing the friction between parts. It clears the obstruction and keeps it away from damage. The lifespan of mechanical parts is increased and corrosion is reduced. Therefore, the engine performs at its best which increase its lifespan.

Reduced CO2 Emissions and Better Fuel Average

High-quality oils reduce polluting charges which in turn reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, making it more environmentally friendly. Reused or excess used engine oils destroy fuel average by maximizing the friction which disturbs the engine performance.

Choosing the Best Engine Oil?

Which engine oil suits your vehicle and its relation to your local climate conditions? Not all lubricants are the same.  Before buying any engine oil, make sure that engine oil must be the best suitable option for your car and according to the local climate conditions. Keep these things  in mind if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of engine oil. There are three kinds of engine oil:

  • Mineral Engine oil
  • Synthetic engine oil
  • Semi-synthetic engine oils

‘5w30’ explain the grade ‘when cold, when hot’ usually written on containers. The selection of specific engine oil must be according to the information on the vehicle manual or according to professional advice.

Engine Oil and Used Cars

Engine lubricants vary from model to model. In Pakistan, brand new models usually require less viscous engine oil whereas, professionals suggest that if you want used cars always choose from categories of more viscous engine oil.

If you are browsing used cars in Lahore, be vigilant in terms of how the previous owner has treated the engine and its oil maintenance.

Engine oil and Pakistani Consumers

In Pakistan, People from developed cities usually take better care of their vehicles. For prospective car owners to buy used cars in Pakistan from a developed region is more advantageous because they have regular maintenance and oil changes.

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