What Is the Role of the AMP for A Great Digital Experience?

The way the world uses the Internet is changing dramatically. Over the past few years, the majority of Internet users worldwide have been using mobile devices rather than desktop browsers. This trend will become even more pronounced with the growing use of tablets and smartphones. Therefore, websites need to be designed with the people who use these devices to access the internet in mind.

If your website hasn’t already adopted a “mobile-first” strategy, it’s time to optimize it for mobile devices. And the next step in that optimization is AMP. Read on to find out what it is and the role it plays in delivering a great digital experience.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open-source program developed by Google that enables faster and more efficient use of the mobile internet. AMP was developed as a reaction to Instant Articles.

How does AMP work?

AMP enables faster loading of websites on mobile devices in the following way.

  • HTML: When you try to access a website, the HTML code of that website is loaded first; if the HTML code loads slowly, the website loads slower as well. That’s why the HTML code is shortened and given unique tags.
  • JS: AMP avoids the use of JavaScript. In fact, only social widgets and third-party ads use JS to retrieve data from an external server. This avoids unnecessary rendering and speeds up the loading of your website.
  • CDN: AMP’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology is also known as AMP Cache. It is a proxy-based content delivery network that caches AMP content for faster delivery.
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These are styling and layout elements; AMP improves the performance and usability of web pages by reducing the need for additional CSS queries.
  • Other elements: The more elements on a page, the slower it loads. AMP further reduces a website’s load time by eliminating certain elements on a page, such as CTAs and large images, which can significantly improve website speed.

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How does AMP provide a better digital experience?

A great digital experience for your customers is a competitive advantage that any organization or business can have, and AMP can help you achieve this in the following ways

– Mobile-friendly

Studies by Google and SOASTA have shown that users will leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Yet most mobile shopping sites take about 6.9 seconds to load. That’s more than double the time users wait before leaving a page. With more and more people accessing the Internet via mobile devices, it is imperative for businesses and organizations to ensure that their sites load quickly.

– Improved SEO

AMP also improves a website’s search engine ranking. This is because Google favors mobile-friendly sites that load quickly. So if your website switches to AMP, it will appear higher in search engine results pages than slow or unresponsive websites.

– Improved visibility

AMP pages are popular because they load faster and are easily recognizable thanks to the icon on AMP pages. In addition, they appear higher in the SERPs (higher than first place), which further increases visibility and the number of clicks on the page.

– Extensive Ad Support

AMP also supports a wide range of ad formats: We use integrated AMP-HTML landing pages, called ALPs (AMP Ad Landing Pages), for super-fast downloads. This ensures a great digital experience for your users, increases the conversion rate, and thus improves the profitability of your advertising spend. So switching to AMP can be one of your advertising and marketing strategies.

– Higher revenues

The faster your AMP pages load, the better the user experience (UX) of your mobile site on all platforms. This increases the conversion rate of your mobile site and therefore your revenue.

– Accessibility of web components

Converting your web pages to AMP also allows you to use optimized web components. Finally, AMP has an extensive library of components that can be copied and pasted to meet a wide range of functionality and user interface requirements. This ensures an excellent on-page experience.

The quintessence

Providing your website visitors with an exceptional digital experience gives your business or organization a competitive edge. You can achieve this by turning your web pages into Accelerated Mobile Pages. After all, more and more people are accessing the Internet via mobile devices today.

Accelerated Mobile Pages not only load incredibly fast, but they can also improve search engine optimization, mobility, visibility, ad support, and accessibility of your site’s web components. So upgrade your site to AMP as soon as possible to realize the potential of this technology.

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