Latest Cisco Courses for 2023

Cisco Courses is a well-known networking business that provides a wide range of certifications recognized globally and plays a significant part in career advancement. This article discusses the benefits of a Cisco certification, which Cisco certification is ideal for you, and which Cisco certification is the best overall.

Levels of Cisco Courses


Cisco Courses general certificates are divided into four professional levels: entry, associate, professional, and expert.

Cisco Certified Professional (CCT)


The Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certification is the starting level and provides practical information to a centralized network engineer. The certification is primarily aimed at applicants who intend to or actively support Cisco products, often at the upper-layer engineering level.

Remote network support and onsite and field support technicians are standard job titles for CCT certification holders.

Associate in Cisco Networking (CCNA)


The Cisco Certified Network Associate certification comes after the CCT certification (CCNA). The CCNA certification builds on the information learned from the Cisco entry-level certification by adding greater complexity and in-depth functionality.

The certification is primarily concerned with information for junior-level network engineers who work under the supervision of more experienced engineers.

Cisco Network Certified Professional (CCNP)


The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is the next level of certification after the CCNA. The CCNP certification requires knowledge of a wide range of technologies with deeper features. CCNP holders are often senior-level network engineers or team leaders who mentor junior-level network engineers.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIE)


The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) builds on the CCNP objectives by delving further into specific features. CCIE credential holders are people who have the skills required to plan, test, deploy, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco network solutions, according to Cisco.

Excellent Cisco certificates


Cisco has multiple certification categories. These are some examples:

  • Collaboration
  • Data Center for CyberOps
  • Design Enterprise Security Service Provider DevNet (Dev and Automation)
  • Each category has its benefits for professionals seeking to advance in their careers. CCNA Security, CCNP
  • Security, DevNet Professional, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, and CCT Routing and Switching are the finest
  • Cisco certifications in most circumstances.

Security CCNA


A career in network security can begin with the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security certification. Network engineer, network security engineer, senior network engineer, security engineer, cybersecurity engineer, and network administrator are all standard job titles.

The annual average base pay of a CCNA Security credential holder is USD 82,000, according to Pay Scale.

Candidates must pass the 200-301 CCNA test to become CCNA Security-certified. This examination assesses the candidate’s knowledge of network basics, network access, IP connection, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability. The CCNA Security certification is valid for three years after passing the exam.

Security CCNP


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security certification, like CCNA Security, can lead to a career in network security. Network engineer, network security engineer, senior network engineer, security consultant, senior system engineer, network specialist, and network administrator are all job titles for this qualification.

The annual average base pay of a CCNP Security certificate holder is USD 91,000, according to PayScale.

Candidates must pass two tests to become CCNP Security-certified: a core exam concentrating on security infrastructure knowledge and a security concentration exam of the candidate’s choice. The CCNP Security certification is valid for three years after completing both tests.

Professional Dev Net


The Cisco Certified Dev Net Professional certification can open up many professional opportunities. For example, senior DevOps engineers, senior software developers, senior automation specialists, senior system integration programmers, and other software professionals are all possible career options.

The annual average base pay of a Dev Net Professional credential holder is USD 95,000, according to Cert Wizard.

Candidates must pass two examinations to obtain CCNP Security-certified: a core exam on Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DECOR) and a software developer concentration exam of their choice.

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