AWS Training Passing Strategies in 2022



Between 2019 and 2022, I took seven AWS Training certification exams and passed them on the first try. After overcoming this obstacle in my professional development, I’d want to offer the formula that helped me earn the certification.

First, let’s review the distinctions between practitioner, associate, specialist, and professional certifications.

Cloud Professional: You could prepare for and pass this exam in one day. It covers the fundamental definitions of AWS Training such as EC2, S3, and SQS.

Associate Level: You should begin these after passing the Cloud Practitioner. Most people choose to take their time preparing for these tests. At the associate level, there are three exams: Developer, Solutions Architect, and SysOps Administrator.
Professional Level: These are intended to be taken after at least two years of professional experience. However, you can take these examinations whenever you are ready, even if it hasn’t been two years. At the professional level, there are two exams:

DevOps Engineer and Solutions Architect


Specialty: These can be taken at any time in your career, but they are best taken after you have mastered the associate-level subject. Specialty certifications address topics that Associate or Professional certifications may not cover. Although some concepts are covered in other certificates, the Specialty certification may require in-depth knowledge of such ideas. At the specialty level, there are six exams: Advanced Networking, Security, Database, Machine Learning, SAP on AWS, and Data Analytics.

Many wonders which of the three associate-level exams is the most difficult or easiest. Similarly, people want to discover which professional-level exam is the most difficult or most straightforward to pass. Most people who have taken all examinations agree that they are all equally challenging. Specialty certification tests can be subjectively more difficult; it all depends on whether or not the exam covers your experience.

The people who create these exams constantly experiment and try out new questions. This is done to keep examinations current with the high rate of growth of the AWS platform. As a result, some questions are experimental, while others are controlled. However, this essay’s information applies to all certification exam levels.



The first stage in preparation is to determine which services are covered by your exam and which are not. Next, select the percentage of queries assigned to each area/service. Where can we locate this? On each exam’s official exam guide.

Second, it is critical to prioritise free practice questions. Get a sense of what you’ll be asked on the big day. Yes, taking a whole practice exam is more crucial, but I’ll get to that in a minute. After you’ve practised a few sample questions, try using the AWS services covered by the questions.

Hands-on practice is the most excellent approach to finding a service or testing a solution. Finally, it would be best if you took some practice examinations after using the services to construct sample solutions/apps. Whizlabs, A Cloud Guru, Tutorials Dojo, Cloud Academy, and the official AWS certification website – AWS Skill Builder — all offer paid and free practice examinations.

If you require more in-person or virtual training, AWS and AWS Partners can provide it. You can also view reinventing deep dive sessions for pro and specialist tests on YouTube. Finally, master the art of drawing diagrams in your brain and practice with



AWS makes arranging the exam quite simple. I recommend always choosing an excellent location in a familiar neighborhood. Check whether you qualify for a discount or subsidy before clicking “check out.” For example, you receive a 50% discount ticket for recertification or any subsequent exam after passing one certification exam. Your employer may also be prepared to pay for all or a portion of the exam fee. Furthermore, if English is not your first language, you are entitled to an EXTRA 30 MINUTES; make the most of it!

Exam Period


AWS certification exams use a mix of multiple-choice and multiple-response question styles. Do the first pass, answering all of the questions you find easy, and then do a second pass. Make a note of any questions that remain unanswered. If you don’t know the answer to a question, try the process of elimination. Scratch out the incorrect answers on a multiple-choice test, for example. Some replies will be easy to rule out since they employ non-existent AWS service names to ensure you understand.

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