Impress Your Girlfriend With These Amazing DIY Ideas

Before getting into a relationship we think a lot about the kind of partner we want but once we come across that special someone all those wants are out of the window as we come to the big realization of how amazing and perfect they are! We know your girlfriend is one of the most important people in your life, she is your partner in crime, your secret keeper, your biggest supporter and even though you may not show it, she means the world to you. She knows how you feel but you going the extra mile to show her how much she means to you, would mean the world to her. Well, irrespective of how much we hate it but the fact is not everyone is romantic and it’s okay, however, if you are willing we can help you with some crazy romantic DIY ideas that surely win your girl’s heart. Since you are here, we believe you are ready to sweat a little, so read on

Candy Jar With Cute Quotes

Women love candies! The shared love for sweets of all womankind takes candies to the top of the list. Get a cute little jar and gather all of her favourite candies to fill it up. Now is the creative part, get small chits and write some heartfelt quotes or messages on them and wrap all the candies in them, so every time she opens one, her heart skips a beat and not just for the delicious candies!

DIY Laptop Clutch

If you are surfing the internet, going through tons of valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, who is pretty career-oriented and always has her laptop or tab by her side, then an appealing little laptop pouch made by you would be perfect for her. It’s also pretty easy. You can either make a simple pouch from scratch and decorate it with stones, flowers, or anything you like or you can buy a simple plain clutch from the market and paint it however you like, trust us this one simple gesture would be highly appreciated.

Make A Pearl/Glitter Necklace

If your pretty lady loves shiny, shimmery jewellery then that is what she should get! Make a glittery or pearl necklace for her and she will never take it off! Take a heart-shaped mould and fill it with the glitter of the colour of your choice along with quick-drying transparent glue, mix it well and tap it lightly on the table to get rid of all the air bubbles and unevenness. Take it out of the mould and put it in a chain. For the pearl necklace, simply take a satin ribbon and put a couple of pearls in it, easy!

Big Surprise Box

No one knows you girl better than you! You know what can make her day, the things she likes, the stuff that makes her happy. So to make her happy why not put everything together in a big box? Get yourself a big cardboard box and collect all the things she likes, from cute little earrings to her favourite chocolates, add whatever you think she will like into the box and stick tiny post-it notes on top of every present. You can not even begin to imagine how precious this surprise would make her feel.

Read when sad letters

Ever had one of those days one you are just sad, without any particular reason? Yeah, we all get those including your lovely lady! Help her out of those bad times, even when you can not be there with some sad letters. Write some letters expressing how much you love her, how much she means to you, and how proud you are of her! Tell her how amazing you think she is and motivate her in every possible way through your words. Pass on the letters, make her promise that she will open only when that too whenever she is sad and she will know that you got her back!

In the end,

all presents are a way of showing the love and affection one feels for someone! However, handmade and DIY presents are more special as they show that an individual is so important to you that you took so much time and effort for the sake of their felicity. Choose anything from the list above and show your sweetheart how lucky she is!

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