How to choose the wardrobe for bathroom?

Even the smallest bathroom requires a wardrobe with units designed to store the towels, washing utilities and clothes. The space for a laundry bin and/or toilet chemistry will be a bonus. Don’t forget about the consummation ergonomics and your budget. Alliance Millwork Products will help you to satisfy all your needs. Here are some ideas for you.

The typical advice

The bathroom is the specific accommodation in the house or apartment. It’s a constant source of water flowing from shower cabins, resulting the hand washing and other hygiene procedures. Thus, wardrobes must be resistant to high index. The best idea for your bathroom is teak wood.

Yes, they’re more expensive than their teammates for other rooms. But the latter moulds there. These mushrooms destroy the storage furniture, accelerating its deterioration. If you want to purchase a cheaper unit, consider the dehydrator. But that doesn’t guarantee a long-term decision.

Handle less cabinets

Idea number 1 is the handle less wardrobes. They have no handles at all. Such units look stylish. Traditionally, this type of storage is produced from plywood. The lighter shades perfectly combine with the darker tones of the borders and dividers. The number of compartments varies, too, providing flexibility to the configuration. The only question is the practical comfort.

Traditional wooden wardrobes

This design from water-resistant wood returns you and your visitors to the medieval epoch. It gives you the status for ages. It contains a durable sink and faucet area with storage compartments surrounding it. The inset recessed doors are quite the perfect solution together with the flush set. This construction also supports mirror installation. So, if your bathroom doesn’t have mirrors, choose this idea.

Boho style

The designers moved the boho style from fashion to the interior. The hippies inspired them to find new ideas. Kate Moss and some Hollywood starts discovered something bright there and considered it’s a great idea to exploit the intimacy of that thoughtful room.

These Bohemian wardrobes are tiny and have a vertical shelf structure. That is, if your bathroom is small and the space is important, it will be optimal for you. The vases with flowers add the local taste to that style.

Wardrobe with multiple drawers

Dance if you suffer from disorganizing tendencies! That wardrobe style will help you to become more catalogued. The top part of the furniture is the decorative panel, covering the different drawers for home use.

There are traditionally more compact compartments for the small things. But the central wardrobe part is dedicated to the pullout department, where most homeowners keep their must-haves. Of course, care for the pastel bath design because the decorators bestow similar wardrobes with these palettes.

Victorian bathroom style

The trends of the Victorian epoch are present again and again. The designers regularly develop such items. Let your guests admire the gorgeous cabinets in your restroom. The Victorian bathroom cabinet will transform it despite the harsh conditions and exude the brilliance of texture.

The wardrobe has enough space for essentials. Your sink will be the center of the composition. A copper faucet adds wealth to the entire structure made of the durable wood.

Double cabinets

The double sinks and all corresponding infrastructure are typical for luxury villas and five-star hotels. But you don’t need to pay much for this elegance. Do it if you want. The only thing you need to do is to replicate the design on both parts of the construction.

Its storage capacity varies depending on the requirements. Those may be the various pullout drawers and shelves. The mirror add-on becomes benefit if you add the illumination. The ceiling and floor of this storage suppose to have monochrome shades. You’ll brush the mirror with new lights if you illuminate it.


That was the latest idea on the list. But not in life because the volume of the article disallows us to write more about Custom Bathrooms in Toronto. Alliance Millwork will help you to implement even the craziest ideas to life. Contact us in person or online to tell us what bathroom you want. Our employers will help you to breathe life into your project.

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