6 Top Tips to Dog-Proof Trash Cans in a Pet Household

Puppies can be curious little creatures that don’t spare any corner or thing, including the stuff we have disposed of in the trash can. They get into everything quickly, which is why you should ensure your little pupper’s health and safety by dog-proofing your home.

Storing small, sharp, chemical-based, and potentially hazardous items on high shelves or locked cabinets is essential. Wrapping up electrical cords is another obvious step in making the house secure for a fur baby. Otherwise, you may have to deal with your canine’s toxic or foreign object ingestion episodes.

Suppose such a thing happens, rush your fur companion to the nearest pet emergency hospital or your vet’s clinic for quick medical assistance. Consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs, so getting timely medical help need not be a significant financial challenge.

Cheap pet insurance policies can assure a furry baby of basic medical care at affordable costs during accidents, allergies, injuries, and medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing a policy; in the meantime, read this article to learn how to safeguard your puppy from the potentially dangerous trash can contents.

Dog-proofing trash cans

When you discard something, it is mostly out of your sight and mind but not for your four-legged friend. Your canine pet may be enticed by the smells emanating from the trashcan and simply open the can or knock it over for a thorough inspection. Since you already know there can be undesirable objects in the can, consider puppy-proofing it.

  1. Store the trashcan in a closet or cabinet where your furry baby has the least access. Also, try baby-proofing cabinets for an added layer of security.
  2. Buy a trash can that has a tight lid. This way, even if your fur baby knocks over or topples the bin, it will remain sealed, the unwanted things will stay inside the can, and your floors will be free from the mess.
  3. Consider buying a trash can that eliminates odors so your furry little one won’t be attracted to the scents and, consequently, the trash can contents. Remember that your dog’s nose is hypersensitive and can detect the faintest smells, so make things less tempting so your dog doesn’t pursue them.
  4. Empty the trash can frequently and consider washing it twice or thrice a week to remove the odors left behind. This way, your trash can remains fresh and less attractive for your furry pet.
  5. Place a heavy object on the trash can lid so there are only fewer ways to get to the things inside it. Still, with a persistent effort, the heavy object and your trashcan can be toppled, so keep an eye out for your puppy’s naughty activities inside the home.
  6. Research trash cans with closable lids that can be operated with the help of a button or foot paddle, and consider buying one. These cans can be more secure than regular trash cans with lids that should be manually opened/closed.

With any amount of security, puppies can still get into trouble which is why close monitoring is essential. At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs, so unanticipated health situations are more manageable.

Cheap pet insurance covers a canine fur baby’s testing, treatment, and medications during non-routine vet visits and health emergencies. So, why not contemplate purchasing a policy?


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