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How to choose stylish  men’s clothing

The design concept of men’s clothing is different from that of women’s clothing. Men’s clothing pays more attention to highlighting the toughness and strength of men, while women’s clothing mainly focuses on softness and line. However, with the evolution of fashion, the boundaries between menswear and womenswear are becoming more and more blurred, and unisex clothing is constantly pouring out. However, if you are more traditional, men’s clothing with uniform texture, uniform color and uniform form is still the best way to interpret your man’s personality. You can also view at boohoo discount code nhs

What are the rules of men’s clothing?

  • Uniform texture. For example, pure linen tops and patent leather pants are not uniform. Some people naively think that breaking the rules will be more “tiring”, but innovation is always “do whatever you want without breaking the rules”. Sweaters, jeans, and suede shoes are examples of uniform textures.
  • Uniform color. People who are not sure use black and midtones, and subtraction. In addition, grasp the four major colors of men’s clothing: blue (including black and cool), brown (warm), five-color (multi-purpose for sportswear), and light color (multi-purpose for spring and summer).
  • Unified form. The final effect of all clothing worn on the body is the outline of a person. The most common mistakes in Chinese men’s sense of form are short jackets that go over the hips and trousers that go over the stomach. The hem of the short jacket should reach the waist, and men with a pot belly should choose carefully. The trousers are hung on the crotch, and the waistband is tied under the “general’s belly”, rather than wrapping the belly.
  • Uniform accessories. If they are not worthy, they will approach and resemble each other for insurance. Most men’s clothing is more “integrated”, pay attention to detail changes to break and drive.

How should men choose men’s clothing?

Men’s clothing should not only show the charm of a man, but also express their own personality. Choosing men’s clothing that suits your personality can not only show your personal taste, but also your personal style. Therefore, when choosing men’s clothing, you can choose from your personal personality. You can also visit at look fantastic discount code

Open men generally pay attention to the color of clothing, which can be described as “more and more gorgeous”. The color of clothing has also changed from blue, black, gray and other colors in the past to bright colors such as unrestrained and warm red, purple, jujube red, and rust red. Therefore, a floral T-shirt with broken copper jeans is the first choice for open men.

Casual men, under the influence of the humanistic trend of returning to nature, abandoned the luxury once advocated in the 1980s and pursued simplicity, comfort and easy-going. They gradually abandoned the secular scenery accessories and replaced them with simple rustic or classical style clothing. So casual clothes are the first choice for such men.

Elegant men are good at finding some embellishments to reflect elegance in dress. For example, a tie is attached to the jacket, which adds a touch of elegance to the dynamism. They favor jackets that are casual and adaptable, but they are immature without a tie, so, with a tie, it will bring a bit of elegance to leisure. Such men can choose light beige, gray-based suits to express themselves.

The pursuit of radish pants by a humorous man is a kind-hearted mockery of life. Carrot pants are one of those exaggerated, casual designs that have a sense of humor and eccentricity. And the blame is that people wear it to look free and easy, bright and open-minded. This highly decorative style is clearly different from people’s usual rigid and restrained clothing. It has a strong sense of urbanism, but it is not noble, very popular, and also very humorous and playful. So loose clothes are the preferred clothes for this type of man.

Of course, no one has stipulated that elegant men should not be hippies, and open men should not dress elegantly. You can try any style as long as you like.

How to find men’s clothing sources

Sellers must first clarify a question, whether you are a men’s clothing online store, or men’s clothing is only a part of the overall supply of the online store. Next, let’s take the purchase of a full-time men’s clothing online store as an example.

First of all, you need to know that the biggest difference between men’s clothing and women’s clothing is that the styles of men’s clothing are not as fast as women’s clothing, so they are usually not afraid of men’s clothing. You can also check the offers at matalan discount code nhs at HotUKdeals


  • Young men’s clothing goes with the flow. It is very important to conform to the clothing trend. Men’s clothing has changed a lot in terms of trends. In the early years, Korean fashion was popular. In short, we must keep an eye on the trend and keep up with the trend.
  • Men’s consumption is more rational, especially the middle and low-income groups. They don’t pay much attention to quality, so they can consider choosing high-quality imitation products. If it is a high-income group, it is best to use authentic brand sources to ensure high-quality demand
  • Men’s material selection For example, successful men prefer to wear suits and leather shoes. When choosing the source of goods, sellers must pay attention to excellent workmanship, good quality, and long-term stable supply. 
  • Men’s style selection At present, the mainstream clothing of young and middle-aged men is mainly business and leisure. For example, domestic brands Qipai, Septwolves, and Rimba men’s clothing sources are very popular. Of course, this kind of supply requires you to be able to afford higher purchase costs.
  • Pay attention to choose according to your actual situation In the process of running a men’s clothing online store, in addition to the above analysis of the mainstream men’s clothing source selection method, it is also necessary to consider the competition of the same style, that is to say, it must have its own characteristics, so as to hope to stand out from the competition. The way to deal with this is to choose foreign trade men’s clothing or inventory, which can greatly reduce the chance of product homogeneity and make it easier to retain customers.

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