Grapes Farming Complete Guide – The Process Behind Its Taste

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Grapes farming are cultivated as a soft and fibrous sweet fruit. Grapes have a good yield in India and have been grown commercially for almost 6 decades. Economically advanced varieties of grapes are being done as the most horticultural enterprise.

Maharashtra is said to be the region with the most grapes because it is grown in more land in Maharashtra. India is known to be the top grower of grapes in the world. Farmers can earn good profit by getting information about how grapes are cultivated.

Popular Varieties

Anab-e-Shahi Variety 

This grape variety is grown more in states like Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Karnataka. The juice of the grapes extracted from it is clearer and sweeter with 14-16% TSS. Plants of this variety are known to give high yields of up to 35 tonnes.

Bangalore Blue Variety 

Plants of this variety are mostly grown in Karnataka. The leaves of its plants are small and thin in size, and the fruits are dark purple in colour and oval in appearance. It contains about 16-18% aromatic TSS. It is a high-quality fruit variety used mainly in the preparation of juice and wine.

Bhokari Variety

This variety of grapes is mainly grown in Tamil Nadu. Its fruits are light yellow and are medium in size. The quality of the fruit produced in it is not very good. The plant of this variety gives an average yield of 35 tonnes per hectare.

Pink Variety

It is a susceptible plant. The TSS found in it is up to 18-20%. This fruit is spherical in appearance. In terms of yield, it gives an average output of 10-12 tonnes.

Apart from this, wide improved varieties of grapes are also grown, which are planted according to the place and yield. In this, types like Kali Shahabi, Parleti, Thompson Seedless, and Sharad Seedless are present.

Medicinal Properties Of Grapes

Most parts of grapes are helpful. Moreover, grapes are primarily considered a source of a variety of natural products. Grapes are a significant source of many phytochemicals. Data given by the website of NCBI has revealed that its consumption can stop cancer cells from growing. In addition, it can protect against heart-related diseases and other diseases. Its main component is resveratrol, a polyphenol known to have various medicinal properties in human diseases. This is why grapes are used to make medicines against many diseases.

Stop Cancer Cells From Growing

Anti-cancer properties are found in the resveratrol antioxidant and quercetin anti-inflammatory elements present in the peel-like outer layer of grapes. Moreover, these elements inhibit the growth of prostate, breast and lung cancer cells.

Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack

Elements like quercetin, anti-inflammatory flavonoid, and a polyphenol in grapes keep lipoprotein, i.e. bad cholesterol, LDL, under control. In the presence of antioxidants, black grape juice controls the level of nitric acid in the blood, which prevents blood clotting and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Black grape juice is as effective as an aspirin pill in preventing heart attacks.

Beneficial In Diabetes

The antioxidant in grapes reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Eating a bowl of grapes of different colours 2-3 times a week reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 70 percent.

Gives Instant Energy

The fructose and glucose sugars present in grapes are easily absorbed into the blood, providing energy to the body by eliminating fatigue immediately.

Feeling Full Of Stomach

Grapes are the ideal fruit for those who are weight conscious. The amount of fibre in it and the fat is negligible, so eating a bowl of grapes does not make you feel hungry for a long time.

Helps In Constipation

Grapes, rich in fibre and glucose, strengthen the digestive system. In addition, the organic acids, cellulose and polyose elements relieve constipation, indigestion, bloating, vomiting, etc., by toning the stomach. Mixing a pinch of salt and black pepper in its juice provides relief.

Beneficial For Eyes

The gluten and xanthine antioxidants present in grapes help keep the eyes healthy. Vitamin A helps with eye diseases like night blindness. Applying its thick ripe juice in the eyes at bedtime cures eye diseases.

Effective For Asthma Patients

Asthma patients have more difficulty breathing in winter. The magnesium present in grapes reduces the contraction of muscles, thereby providing relief to the patients.

Suitable Soil And Climate

They should be grown in stony and sandy clay for a good yield of grapes. Moreover, for the cultivation of grapes, land with good drainage is required. Its crop can tolerate salinity to some extent, and high salinity in the soil is unsuitable for its production. Apart from this, grapes require average temperature for proper development. Hot, dry, and hot climate is suitable for its fruits. At the time of fruit growth, rain affects its fruits more, during which there is a risk of its grains bursting.

Vineyard Preparation

To get a good grape yield, the field should be well prepared before planting its plants in the area. For this, the field should be well ploughed deeply. After this, leave the field open for some time so that the soil gets sunlight properly. Then, apply water to the field. Later, after using a tractor with the help of numerous tractor images. Do two to three slant ploughing again when the ground starts appearing dry from above. Due to this, the soil of the field will become friable. After the soil becomes friable, plough it again.

This will make the field level, and there will be no problem with water logging. Furthermore, the Grape plant absorbs more nutrients from the soil. Because of this, it is necessary to give a good amount of fertiliser in the field. After ploughing the field, 15 carts of old cow dung should be provided as natural manure. After putting the cow dung in the area, ploughing should be done once so that the manure mixes well in the soil. In addition, 500 GM Nitrogen, 700 GM Muriate of Potash, and 700 GM Potassium Sulphate should be given as chemical fertiliser.

Grapes Planting

The transplanting of grape plants is done in the form of a pen. Before planting its cuttings in the field, the pits should be prepared. While preparing the pits, the right amount of fertiliser should be given in it. For this, mixing 30 GM Chlorpyriphos, 1 KM Superphosphate and 500 GM Potassium Sulphate with equal quantities of soil and rotted dung should be filled in the pits. Moreover, the pen to be planted in the pit should be 1 year old. Apart from this, the vine should be irrigated immediately after planting it in the field.

Grapes Irrigation

The transplanting of grape plants is done in the month of November to December, due to which its plants do not require much irrigation. But when the plants start bearing fruits, during that time, irrigation is needed for the excellent growth of fruits. If, during that time, its plants do not get enough water, then the yield is more affected. Therefore, its plants should be irrigated according to the temperature and environment.

Weed Control

Natural methods are used for weed control in grape plants. As a result, its plants do not require much weed control. But when weeds appear in the field, its plants should be controlled by a weeding method.

Grapes Fruit Harvesting Yield And Benefits

The grapes’ fruits are ready to yield after three years of graft transplanting. When the grapes are ripe, they should be plucked at the time of selling them in the market. Moreover, an increase and decrease in acidity identify its ripe fruits. Morning or evening time is considered more appropriate for plucking fruits. To get a reasonable price in the market for grapes, their bunches should be classified, and before selling in the market, the useless and broken grapes should be removed.

The market price of grapes varies between 60-100 depending on the quality. Moreover, its fully grown plant gives yield for 2 to 3 decades. Grapes plant yields up to 20-35 tonnes per hectare, depending on the variety. Accordingly, farmer brothers can earn good profit by harvesting grapes. 

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