Benefits of Computer Assisted Implant Surgery

Modern technology has raised the bar for implant surgical safety and precision. Dental Implant Surgery in Lahore Modern dental implant surgeries are computer direct, quicker, and less prone to human mistake.

Implant surgery is a permanent tooth loss solution that improves your quality of life. The ability to properly plan and install the implant is a realistic option for most patients at Dental Implant Surgery in Lahore.

What is CAD/CAM implant surgery?

Using cutting-edge technology, we can scan and digitally design your implant surgery ahead of time. Each procedure is customize to meet your specific needs. We can produce a surgical guide that matches the virtual planning using 3D software and printers. A surgical guide reduces the danger of human mistake and its repercussions. A well-placed implant improves therapeutic outcomes and reduces treatment time.

When compared to computer-guided surgery,

Traditional tooth implant surgery requires more time and therapy. They often demand more soft tissue incisions and operations.

Our doctors can more precisely locate and place the implant using computer-guided implant placement. The capacity to sketch out the entire method makes it more efficient, predictable, and safe. Using 3D guided implant placement avoids important structures like blood arteries, nerves, and air spaces. PCI is highly useful for placing many dental implants. The implants must be precisely angle and position relative to one another.

What is computer assister surgery?

To begin, a CBCT scan is performe to construct a 3D model of your jaw in digital implant design software. In this way, 3D printing as a surgical instrument is possible. Each patient gets their own guide.

It helps us identify and secure the titanium implant in the jawbone during surgery. In this case, the titanium ‘root’ is biocompatible. And once bond to the bone, a tooth-like crown is place on top. The 3D guide makes this a more controlled and planned method, reducing. The need for soft tissue incisions and eliminating human error. Overall, it minimizes the risk of harming healthy gums, teeth, and tissues. Postoperative discomfort and complications are also minimize. It also allows for a faster recovery.


We believe that computer-assisted surgery is safer Dental Implant Surgery in Lahore. Because it allows us to plan ahead of time, reducing the risk of complications or failure. This approach accurately portrays the location, showing the root structure and tissue thickness. This helps us to schedule implant treatments for difficult situations in advance, lowering the risk of unanticipated problems. Making the procedure safer means more people can get implants to restore their smiles and improve their lives.

This interface also helps us better communicate with our patients. You will know more about the potential outcomes, options, risks, and contingencies.

Is CGI faster than regular implant surgery?

Yes, computer-assisted implant procedures are speedier. Because CBCT scans provide a more thorough and precise view of the area. We can build a better-suited dental implant much faster.

Is 3D guide dental implant surgery more expensive?

This is because computer assisted dental implant surgery requires. More CBCT imaging, 3D planning, and preparation of the 3D surgical guide. It costs about $1000 more than non-3D guided dental implant surgery. But you get major benefits including speedier recovery, less risk, and better precision. To discuss a customised treatment and pricing plan, please contact us.

Who should have 3D computer-guided implant surgery?

Computer guided Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore is an option for candidates for conventional implant surgery. Dental Artistry believes this procedure may be beneficial for you if your case is complex and involves bone grafting. Or if the implant site is critical to a spectacular cosmetic result in the front of the mouth. Implant planning would also help if several implants were need.

For more information about computer guided implant surgery, contact us.

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