Choose The Size of the Ecological Cup According to The Event

Plastic cups and ecological cups are products mainly used in fast food takeaway. Also preferred for receptions, they combine many advantages that make them exceptional choices for packaging hot and cold drinks. To limit the environmental impact, professionals are always encouraged to use reusable cups, which are less toxic than single-use plastic cups. So how do you choose the right models for each occasion?

What type of event do you organize?

Disposable cups can be used at any time: for children’s birthdays, for the sale of hot drinks in fast-food restaurants, or for picnics. Indeed, they are mainly prized for their practicality. Resistant and economical, they avoid all the drudgery of cleaning after use.

For takeaway sales professionals, the ideal dimensions are those close to those of glasses for consumption on the spot. Thus, customers will be able to consume their favorite drinks in the ideal quantities. For more practicality, however, prefer paper cups or glass cups with compact dimensions with lids. Thus, they will be more easily transportable.

For birthdays, nothing beats personalized medium-sized cups. They are particularly suitable for children’s parties. Otherwise, white plastic or transparent plastic cups perfectly complement the assortment of recyclable disposable tableware for family meals and excursions.

Of course, for large receptions, wine glasses and champagne flutes are more suitable. They will perfectly adorn your table decoration. That said, you can also match them with small biodegradable cups, depending on the theme of your reception. Order the full range of biodegradable tableware you need from a food wholesaler.

What drinks can be served in cups?

Plastic cups are most often used for cold drinks (fruit juice, soft drinks, etc.). On the other hand, there are also models of double-walled cups which are intended for packaging hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. More resistant, they will keep them warm for the time you consume them at home.

For the respect of the environment and to preserve the health of consumers, it is recommended to use biodegradable or compostable cups. Being more suitable for food contact, they will preserve the quality of the drinks they contain. Zero waste cups avoid contamination and limit the production of toxic waste.

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Solutions available for containers

There is a wide choice of cups for all needs and all types of events. Among the ecological options, we distinguish:

Reusable cups

As their name suggests, they are designed in such a way that they can be reused several times before being worn out. Made of polypropylene, they are resistant, economical, and functional. These types of cups are even nearly unbreakable. Their use is suitable for family events where you want to reduce the amount of waste produced. With varying capacities, reusable cups also come in several colors, not to mention the famous transparent plastic models.

PLA biodegradable plastic cups

Made entirely with natural raw materials, these products, however, resemble plastic cups in appearance. Also called bioplastic, PLA can safely hold hot and cold beverages without altering cup shapes. Composed mainly of corn starch, this cup has ideal characteristics for fruit juices and smoothies.

Unbreakable PP plastic cups

Some events require the use of cups that will not pose a risk of accidental damage or breakage. Indeed, the use of cups is sometimes subject to legislation in force. Shatterproof PP plastic models are highly resistant to abuse and different uses.

Mainly made from polypropylene, the PP unbreakable plastic cup is dishwasher and microwave safe while showing great resistance to drops and knocks. It is also non-toxic and does not alter the composition of the liquids it contains.

Economic PP plastic cups

Still produced from polypropylene, PP economy plastic cups are versatile and economical. Sold at low prices, they allow you to keep hot and cold drinks efficiently. It is the favorite model for all types of events. With its small size and many colors, the economical PP plastic cup is suitable for different uses. They also have different shapes (smooth or textured).

Disposable insulated cups

These cups are mainly used by businesses and restaurants. Indeed, they make it possible to durably maintain the temperature of hot liquids. They are made from polyethylene and chemical additives. The foam obtained from this mixture preserves food and temperatures much better than the classic cup.

PET plastic cups

They look like glass in appearance but are also lightweight and soft to the touch, yet ultra-strong. This option is recommended for those looking for customizable support for their event. Indeed, PET plastic has a surface suitable for screen printing. As aesthetic as they are practical, PET plastic cups will be perfect for company receptions where decorative objects are used as visual aids.

PET cups with lid

For those who want to better protect drinks, cups with lids are also an option. Of course, they are customizable like simple PET cups. They are therefore perfectly suited to the different needs of the company on a daily basis, but also during one-off events such as meetings and seminars. In addition, they are available in different sizes and offer great versatility.

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