Where Can I Find a Cheap Bee Wrap?

Do you want to get into Bee Wrap, reusable food packaging but you think it’s too expensive? So we are going to put our feet in the dish directly: for the “cheap” aspect, everything is relative. Already we are not going to lie to you, if you only want to switch to the Bee Wrap to save money, it will be difficult to find your way around. But here we explain why switching to Bee Wrap is clearly the right choice for your kitchen and for the environment and how to find the best value for money.

1. Why switch to Bee Wrap…if not to save money?

Reduce waste

Stretch film that is super hard to tear, or that clings to itself along the way, or that tears halfway, there is clearly enough to tear your head off. And of course, it always happens when we’re most in a hurry. As it annoys us and we don’t have time to waste, we throw it away and we cut another one better to pack easily. Long live waste. Don’t make that face, it happened to us too! Besides, we are talking about the plastic stretch film, but aluminum foil is the same fight. Practicality level, we have known better.

Talking about waste, we don’t talk enough about the huge size of aluminum foil that we take to wrap a small sandwich. As we are afraid that it will not pack everything, we generally take bigger, to be sure, “just in case”, and often there are centimeters and centimeters unused. The waste toll continues to increase…

With the Bee Wrap, no more worries! You have 3 different sizes to perfectly suit each use. To wrap your fruit or vegetable halves, your leftover bread, your bowls, pie dishes, salad bowls… Anything goes!

Another advantage to limit waste: with a bee wrap, you optimize the preservation of your food for 2 to 3 days. That way, no more food waste, you won’t throw away wilted carrots, damaged salad leaves, or dry bits of cake. Visit also for Sandwich Wraps Tray Liners

Go reusable

Bee Wrap = reusable food wrap. In reusable food packaging, what is there? Reusable! I say yes! And yes, single-use is outdated, now we want to use and reuse endlessly. And so much the better. No more throwing away aluminum foil or stretch film as soon as you use it. With Bee Wraps you can wrap anything you want a hundred times. For example, you pack your sandwich for your Sunday hike, then you pack your piece of cheese on Monday, and finally, you pack your little wolf’s snack on Thursday. Here is one of the weekly routines of one of your Bee Wraps. Makes you want to, doesn’t it? All while washing it in cold soapy water between each use of course. It’s much nicer than throwing away a piece of stretch film or aluminum foil every time.

You limit your waste and respect the planet.

In addition, the manufacture of cellophane and aluminum is very energy-intensive.

The Bee Wrap may not be cheaper than a roll of cellophane or aluminum foil, but its impact on the environment is clearly less. The savings made are not especially visible on the wallet but more on the Earth and on your health. Of course, it’s less visible, but believe us, it’s just as important, if not more so.

2. Where can I find a cheap Bee Wrap?

You would have understood it. The Bee Wrap does not present a financial advantage compared to cellophane or aluminum. On the other hand, you favor the shelf life of your food and you limit your waste. A real plus for the planet.

Once you are convinced by this and you want to act for our beautiful planet, do not be fooled by greenwashing techniques.

There are great disparities between the prices of bee wraps offered online, often directly related to the quality of these Bee Wraps.

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