Australia’s Best Landscape Photographer Captures the Beauty of the Outback in Stunning Black and White

Australia's Best Landscape Photographer Captures the Beauty of the Outback in Stunning Black and White

Looking to get a shot of Australia’s stunning Outback but aren’t sure where to look? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the best landscape photographer in Australia and the stunning black and white photography he specializes in.


Don Saunderson is an Australian Photographer Company. This Company has Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2022 Award.

They are expert in BLACK AND WHITE Photography.

Black and White Photography

As it turns out, there’s a good reason why black-and-white photography has been around for so long. It’s because, whether you know it or not, it’s pretty much impossible to capture nature with too much color. Because of that, many photographers—especially professionals—turn to black-and-white photography when they want their art to stand out among a sea of highly saturated Instagram posts. If you can master its nuances (contrast is crucial), you might be able to share your very own piece of art with people who don’t even know what black and white photography is. After all, seeing a brilliant image up close might just convince them to try something new . And wouldn’t that be enough?

Photography Tip One – For landscape Photography

If you want to do landscape photography then you will want to make sure that your settings are ideal for it. To get these settings right you need to understand what shutter speed, ISO, aperture and focus are for both manual and automatic settings. By taking a lot of photos you can learn how long each needs to be adjusted for and then just change them from there when doing landscape photography. It is important that everything is checked beforehand otherwise you will have a lot of blurry pictures or ones that are too dark! The best landscapes have been taken by someone who knows what they are doing so try experimenting with your settings until everything is right before you start taking photos.

Photography Tip Two – For Black and white photography

The purpose of black and white photography is to isolate colors. While color may be used as a tool, it is not necessary to take great black-and-white photographs. In fact, many photographers shun color photography because they feel that it takes away from their ability to shoot. Professional photographer Nadav Kander believes that you can create amazing images by mastering just two things: composition (how your image is put together) and light (Kander).


Photography Tip Three – For Professional Photography

The art of landscape photography is capturing pictures that take you away from your everyday existence. For example, when you look at a photograph taken at sunset you will feel like you are there and you can smell everything around. To ensure that your professional photography stands out, get close to objects. This is a great way to draw attention to your subject matter without using any cliches.

Key Facts about Fine Art

Some people don’t consider professional photography, fine art because they believe that, to be considered. Fine art, an image must be captured by a photographer with advanced formal training. Or be created as a result of some innovation. In fact, even photos taken with consumer-grade cameras can qualify. As fine art, if they exhibit specific qualities like authenticity, uniqueness, and finesse. To say that there’s no difference between what you capture on your smartphone and what you capture with a top-tier DSLR misses out on important nuances. Each image is different not only because it was made by a different person (or group of people), but also because it was created from a different perspective, influenced by different things.

Our Suggestions

Megan Jones, winner of Green Award for landscape photography at last year’s Photolink Photography Awards. It is well known for her stunningly beautiful black-and-white landscape images. That capture some of Australia’s most unique landscapes. She has spent five years working on an ongoing project to document different locations. Around Australia and has traveled to over 30 places so far. Her striking photographs show vast, open spaces without a single person visible. All taken from above. From steep cliffs along seaside locations to abandoned farms surrounded by red dust. Megan captures them all from a unique perspective using her drone, helicopter or plane. Scroll down below to check out some of our favorites!

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