7 Growth Hacking Strategies in 2021 To Expand Your Brand!

There are many digital agencies all around the world, however very few focus on offering the best results.  In case you are among those then growth hacking strategies is all that you need to know about in 2021. If you are in the early stage of your business, marketing should avail you of faster and better results. This will help your clients expand in the competitive arena. The best thing about growth hacking is that it is effective, creative, and low cost. You might not know but it can change the fate of any start-up and small business. You can gain a customer base without spending fortune and resources on other marketing methods.

The majority of the businesses rely on their marketing to secure and grow their place. The amount spent on marketing is growing every year and has become a billion-dollar business. This clearly shows that digital marketing will rise in the future as well. More and more superior strategies will grow in demand and will become an essential part of the business growth. Here are 7 growth strategies for your agencies explained for 2021 and the near future.

Building Community

According to the surveys, 86% of the insight about the customer’s needs comes from online communities. If you are actively engaging with your customers this can mean a lot for your brand as well as your visitors. You just need to build online communities to serve your customer’s needs ideally. There are many merits of building communities regarding your brand. It will add a personal touch to your brand and people will connect. This will in turn build loyalty.

Stay on the top of the trends

For every brand, it is important to stay relevant for which they need a relevant strategy. If you will seek in the past you will see that growth hacking has helped many brands. Nowadays you have to carefully choose a strategy that can blend well with your social context, product, and business. To flourish you must follow the trends and competition. If you will choose any outdated approach it can portray a negative image. Be innovative and keep your approach fresh. Look for the trends, analyze them properly and then use them for results.

Take Risks

If you are afraid to take risks in business, you can never see success. Growth hacking is all about taking risks, testing, and experimenting with different strategies. This way you can find out which suits your brand the best. You will need to craft multiple versions of your campaigns and do not be afraid to try something new. Also, keep a track record of every approach so that you can bring up the best one. Look which one is accepted well by your customers and continue making it better.


We are living in the world of technology and this is why automation is no surprise as a growth hacking strategy. In this era there is nothing better than automation, but how it works? How it helps your business? Consistency is certainly a key when it comes to marketing strategy. The problem is a brand cannot be consistent all the time manually. This is where you will need software support to handle repetitive tasks. This will help to post on Connect App, Facebook-like apps, sending emails, and directing at diverse parts as much as possible. Fortunately, tools are abundant for automation on social media. This helps you schedule posts and even helps with the market pace. This will be regular and punctual to reflect your professionalism.

Influencer marketing

If you think that Influencer marketing is still liked, then you are wrong. Now people need transparency and value organic content only. This does not feel like marketing but actually is. You might have noticed for the past couple of years influencer marketing is doubled. Opinions of influencers are trusted and they also have the power to influence. This way you can gain a huge number of followers. You must collaborate with influencers who will boost your brand visibility. This way generating leads will be easy for your brand. Consider several factors like demographics and numbers of their followers. Also, look for the relevancy towards your brand so that promoting becomes easy and confusion-free.

One of the effective growth hacking strategies you can use is offering promo codes. This way you will get an effective boost towards your sales and conversion rates. Giveaways are always successful in generating followers and likes. It is also a cost-effective strategy that can help your brand’s visibility on social media. You will see pretty quick growth with giveaways.

Offer freebies

Nobody can deny the joy of having free gifts. Free things are always liked and are popular. Everyone welcomes a free gift and this is why it is effective. You might not know but offering something free to customers can take your sales to heights. You can offer free resources or tools depending upon your business. It will be good to install reports, tests, calculators, PDF guides, etc. on your site. This will open numerous possibilities as you will get detailed information from your audiences and visitors. This happens before they access any free content from you. You can collect lots of data and build a list of potential leads. Now you can send newsletters and marketing content to them in the future.

Optimize your online presence

Today people live more online than in the real life. The majority of the population is having social media accounts on Facebook, Connect App, and others. To reach these people you will need a solid online presence. Your digital marketing strategies will help increase visibility and will also strengthen your presence. Your brand will get recognition and you will get a solid customer base.

Final Verdict

These are the 7 growth hacking strategies that you can try in 2021 to prove your brand in this throat-cutting competition. These ideas are worth exploring because many have gained success using them appropriately. Just opt for the ones that suit your business ideally and see your business grow.

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