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5 Best Dog Mats To Keep Your Puppy Happy

Your dog may require frequent naps to recover from long periods of playtime or outdoor sessions. Even though your dog can fall asleep almost anywhere doesn’t mean they really should. Your little companion requires a comfortable, snug, supporting bed or a mat for lounging or sleeping.

The bed should be accommodative while being cozy to sleep and relax. Apart from being extremely cushy, a dog mat also protects your pet from chafing and sores, which they might suffer from sitting or resting on a hard surface for a long time. Thus, you must provide your dog with a suitable mat or bed where they can unwind and relax.

If you are confused about buying dog mats, read our extensive guide with the five best ones to keep your puppy happy and content.

What Should You Look For In A Dog Mat?

While buying a dog bed, you must consider the following aspects to make the best selection for your puppy:


Depending on the bed type, fabrics such as denim, flannel, fleece, microfiber, and imitation suede are used. Some might also prefer waterproof dog mats, and these also come in a specific material. Choose something appropriate for your buddy. For instance, memory foam can help retain your pet’s body temperature.

Size of the bed

Purchase a dog bed that is appropriate for your pet’s size. Choosing a bigger or smaller bed could make the dog feel pretty uneasy. Ideally, you must select a slightly larger size than your dog’s.


The dog bed is your furry friend’s area where they can relax and sleep. Make sure you pick a mattress that is comfortable enough. You can purchase a padded and soft dog bed for the utmost comfort of your pet. Ensure that the bed is made of a breathable and soft material such as velvet and mesh.

puppy with toy


Find a good dog bed that is machine washable and composed of materials like velvet, mesh, or cotton. You should be able to maintain the dog bed easily. If your dog tends to chew his bed, make sure it’s composed of chew-proof material like military fiber or ballistic grade material.

Health Of Your Dog

Make sure you’re aware of your dog’s health issues before you decide to purchase a bed or mat. For example, if your pet is old and underweight, they could be experiencing arthritis and joint problems. It’s best to obtain a heated or orthopedic bed in this circumstance.


The bed for your dog must be light and foldable to make transportation easier. You can even go for a travel bed specifically if you and your pet are always on the go. These travel mats are perfect for camping or road trips.

What Are The Top Five Mats To Keep Your Dog Happy?

Here are the best five mattresses or beds for your little friend to make them wholly cozy and happy throughout the year:

Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heating Puppy Mats

The Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heating Puppy Mats are electricity-free and are heated by your dog’s body heat. This bed set includes two mats, one tiny and one large, allowing you to move to a larger mat as your puppy grows.

The bed also comes with a warming pad suitable for both puppies and cats, and it is a convenient size to store at any place. These features make these mats highly suitable for your puppy to make them feel comfy after a tiring day.

Plush Dog Pet Bed Pad by AmazonBasics

Most dog beds are priced relatively high. However, this fantastic dog bed from AmazonBasics comes in various sizes and is highly affordable, making it a tremendous deal. This bed has a straightforward design and comes with a lovely swirl-textured surface that is incredibly soft and fluffy, making it suitable for usage in a crate or inside the house. You can put it in the washer and dryer whenever it’s time to clean, making it easy to maintain.

Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler

Give your dog their shaggy dog bed to keep them off your favorite shag rug. The bed can be adjusted while remaining supportive, making it ideal for dogs who want to burrow. This donut-shaped dog bed features raised borders on the outer edges that let your pup curl up in it. It is made of artificial fur and will keep your dog warm while napping.

dog on bed

Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

An elevated pet bed can be a great option for your pets if they do not sleep well throughout the hot summer months or do not like lying on the floor. This elevated dog bed allows for more airflow than a standard dog bed, keeping your doggy cool while relaxing and minimizing joint pressure at the same time.

You can also add a fluffy blanket or mattress pad to personalize this bed. It’s also ideal for dogs who can’t stop digging, tearing, or chewing on their dog beds.

Mellifluous Cat & Dog Bed

This spherical dog bed has a trendy design expertly crafted from sturdy materials. It’s an ergonomically constructed pet bed that provides increased comfort for your little buddies. It features a modish, space-saving, and cute circular shape that will complement your living area.

It is an all-weather bed that your pet can sleep on daily. This fully machine washable dog bed fits into any ordinary washing machine. Besides that, its anti-skid base keeps it from moving and keeps it in place.


If you’re on the serious hunt for a perfect mat or bed for your puppies, any of these top-rated options can be a great choice. However, keep in mind to select a suitable mattress for your dog and cater to their comfort!

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