Zorbing- The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Friends!

What Is Zorbing?

You see that big ball over there? It’s called the Zorb Ball and it’s the most fun you can have with your friends, by far. Or, at least it was. You could always say zorbing is a fun sport or leisure activity that has been popular for quite some time and is now easily adapted to include a little bit of adventure. In fact, zorbing has been around for decades prior to today.

Why Should I Do It?

Are you looking for an activity that will get your friends and family out of the house? Do you need something new and exciting to do with your kids on a cold, wintry day? Well then, zorbing is just what you’re looking for. Zorbing is an all-season outdoor activity that’s safe for people of all ages and abilities. It’s perfect for active families who like to have fun together. So go on, grab some friends or family members, jump in a Zorb ball, and get ready for the ride of your life!

So Where And How Do I Go About Doing This?

To start off with, you’ll need to find a location that offers the Zorb ball experience. Once you’ve found one, it’s time to get a booking. While Zorb balls are usually booked for an hour or two at a time, you may want to choose the larger option if you’re going with more than 3 people – because everyone deserves a good soak in the Zorb ball. Generally, booking is available up to 6 months in advance so make sure you get your details sorted and book early to avoid disappointment (and disappointment from your mates). A few days before your zorbing experience is set to take place, it’s best to call them up and make sure they have everything ready for your arrival: including any necessary safety equipment like helmets and life jackets.

What Gear Do I Need?

A Zorb ball is a large inflatable ball that you and your friends or family can get inside of. They come in all different sizes, but the size of the ball is relative to the number of people who will be zorbing together. Some balls are small enough for a single person to use, while others are large enough for 10-12 people at once. Inflating a ball takes no more than 5 minutes and you can do it with an electric pump or by mouth (yes, really!). Once inflated, it’s time to head outside where there’s plenty of space to let your imagination run wild. Take turns pushing each other around in circles on the street like a wheelbarrow race.

Tips For A Successful Zorbing Experience

  1. Get a group of friends to go with you – it’s much more fun when you have some friends to share the experience with. 


  1. Make sure everyone knows how to swim and is wearing comfortable, form fitting clothes that won’t get too caught up in the ball. 


  1. Set out on a day with clear skies and good weather – zorbing can be done on any terrain, but it’s more fun if the ground is flat and there aren’t any obstacles that can make the ride unpredictable or dangerous.

If you’re looking for a new activity that will get your heart racing and make you feel like a kid again, zorbing is the perfect choice. Zorbing involves rolling down hills inside an inflatable ball, while strapped into safety gear so that you can safely enjoy the ride. It’s the perfect way to get outdoors, have fun, challenge yourself mentally and physically, or just take some time for yourself. 

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This is a fun and interesting game. There were two different teams in the competition, the yellow one and the red one. Each team holds a zorb ball and try to roll into the opponent’s goal; they will get scores when they hit it. The other team keeps trying to defend the goal by rolling up to the zorb. I want to complete my task in 15 seconds if possible. I exited quickly from the starting point, ran around the ball, tripped down and rolled over and fell off completely; then, I climbed on top of the ball again, sat down and tried to use my feet to push it as much as possible. It really touched my heart that some of my friends cheered for me with them. This was not only an interesting experience for me but a memorable one as well.

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