Why You Must Choose Air Sial as Your Travel Partner?

 Whenever an air traveler has to fly, he urges for the cheapest yet the best flights for a congenial and comfortable voyage. And for a comfortable, cheap, and congenial journey, one is supposed to choose a good airline.

There are numerous national and international airlines in Pakistan; some offering inexpensive flights while other gaining customers by bestowing the best amenities. However, among the national airlines, Pakistan has some notable names; one amongst them being Air Sial.

Air Sial; a name in the airline industry that has gain utmost notoriety in no time because of its class, dedication, and customer care. Air Sial is the third private airline of Pakistan, established in 2017. It is an airline with only 3 aircraft but has been becoming popular among air travelers because of many reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Air Sial as your air travel partner. 

Air Sia             

Affordable prices       

As mentioned before, Air Sial has become famous among air travelers in no time because of many reasons, one being the affordable ticket fares. Budgeted air tickets on all of the flights make it easy for the passengers to get to their destination with comfort. Potential passengers can check the air ticket fares of Air Sial flights on our website. Fatima Travels updated flight schedules and ticket prices based on the day of the flight. Some days are low-priced to book your flight while others bring you expensive flights so try to choose the day to book your flight that brings the least ticket prices. Booking in advance with Fatima Travels can bring you even more affordable air tickets.

Best amenities

A passenger mostly has to compromise on his amenities when he or she chooses a cheap flight because the majority of the airlines that proffers cheap flights make their customers compromise on their comfort. 

Air Sial offers the best of the amenities and in-flight services so that you can enjoy an incredible flight. Some of its amenities include;

  • In-flight meals and beverages: all types of desi, continental, Chinese and English cuisine is part of Air Sial meals, making you enjoy high-quality food even in the air. The beverages are refreshing and include all sorts of fresh juices, smoothies, slurries, cold drinks, and more.
  • Trained staff: professional and hardworking staff with well-trained air hostesses keeps it easy for the passengers to ask for anything. The multilingual staff makes conversation and communication easy.
  • Comfortable seating: comfortable seats with large legroom keep the passengers comfortable throughout the flight. You can enjoy your flight without getting really tired.
  • Generous baggage allowance: Air Sial bestows generous baggage allowance so that you can take whatever you desire. Generous luggage allowance keeps the travelers happy to travel with the airline. Air Sial allows 20 kg checked baggage allowance for free where a passenger can carry up to 32 kgs total weight but have to pay for it. 7 kg carry-on baggage is also allowed.
  • Customer-friendly cancellation policies

Customer-friendly cancellation policy on flight ticket fares includes free/part cancellation as part of the ticket condition. If you have to cancel your flight for whatever reason, you can cancel your flight even online. Simply tap ‘manage to book’, enter your PNR number and your last name and cancel your flight. Air Sial will initiate a refund grounded on your payment mode and flight ticket price condition.

  • Reschedule policy                     

Air Sial allows its passengers to reschedule their flights in case they have some issue with the existing one. It allows travelers to reschedule based on the availability for a fee. The only thing a passenger should keep in mind is that he or she has to pay the additional fare if it is there so. For example, if you have booked a ticket for economy class, then you rescheduled, and switch to the business class seat, then you have to pay for the extra fare. You can reschedule your flight via the website or through contacting their customer care.  

  • Air Sial offers and discounts

To keep a check on offers and discounts bestowed by Air Sial Karachi to Islamabad, keep visiting Fatima Travels. We highlight every offer, bonus, and discount so that you can enjoy the most comfortable, most congenial, and most inexpensive flights.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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