Why are All Always Behind Government Job?

Let us start this article with a scenario: Suppose you are an average student in a middle class family. For sure, you’ll get admission in an average college. Since you belong to a middle class family and studied in an average college, there is no chance of starting your own business or pursuing a master’s degree. So, what’s the best choice left with you? Obviously, you will try to grab a lucrative job. You will get umpteen opportunities to secure a private job. But, there’s no point in working for peanuts. So, it’s better to secure a government job. No doubt, securing a government job is very hard. But, your diligence and determination can help you get a desirable government job.

Do you know the number of privileges you’ll get after securing a government job? If not, then read this article to know the benefits and privileges of securing a government job. 

Don’t assume that you can’t secure a government job because you are an average student. Your assiduousness can help you grab a prestigious government job. In India, candidates generally appear for bank PO, bank clerk, SSC CGL and defence exams to secure a government job. So, decide which exam you want to give and start preparing for it. Put in sincere efforts to prepare for the exam. Your hard work and determination can help you crack the exam and get a government job. 

Here are some reasons that persuade the youngsters of India to secure a government job:

  1. Earn respect in society

Indian society venerates a government employee with huge respect and honour. Do you know why? Because, a government employee works for the betterment of society. Whereas, if you start working in a private company, society may consider you as a normal person. Just see around yourself, how society treats a person who has recently joined the police services. So, think how people will treat you, if you become an IAS and IPS officer. Therefore, it is better to secure a government job and earn a prestigious position in society.

  1. Job security 

A majority of youngsters aim to secure a government job because of job security. Note that no one can remove a government employee from his/her position before retirement. Whereas, in a private job you need to deal with the threat of losing your job on a daily basis. So, isn’t it great to work harder and secure a government job? So, start your government exam preparation today.

  1. Heavy salary and on time pay

We all know that the government sector pays a heavy salary to their employees as compared to the private sector. Also, they pay their salary every month on time. There are some private sectors that offer good salaries, but they ask their employees to work for at least 10-12 hours a day. Also, private sectors never pay salaries on time to their employees. To maintain financial stability in your life, it is always better to secure a government job. 

  1. Various allowances and perks

Apart from salary, the government offers various perks and allowance to their employees. Do you know what allowances are? Government subsidizes the expenses of employees by giving them allowances. Some of the allowances are: House rent allowance, dearness allowance, conveyance allowance, transport allowance and overtime allowance. In perks, the government sector provides telephones and laptops, food & beverages, car, leave travel concession etc. Whereas, a private sector never gives anything except salary to their employees. This is one of the main reasons why youngsters aim to secure government jobs over private jobs.

  1. Less pressure of work

We are all well acquainted with the fact that there’s no pressure of work in the government job. Whereas, in a private job you’ll be pressurized with a lot of work. In a private company you need to work only at the office but also at home. Also, you’ll earn little money after working so hard day and night. Do you want to deal with a lot of pressure every day? If not, then try to secure an esteemable government job. Securing a government job is not hard, if you are ready to do hard work for exam preparation. 

  1. Chance to show your caliber

Government sector is free from nepotism. So, you will get multiple opportunities to show your skills. Whereas,  in the private sector you will face a lot of favoritism. Your boss may never give you a chance to show your skills. Therefore, it is better to work hard and secure a government job. Remember you need to struggle less in a job in comparison to a private job. Take a wise decision and opt for a job. It can save you from a lot of stress and anxiety. 

  1. More holidays

Private sector gives less number of holidays in comparison to the government sector. This is one of the main reasons that youngsters love to secure a government job. Government sector provides casual leave, medical leave and maternity leave(for women). Apart from this, you will get holidays on festivals and other important days. You can use these holidays to go on vacations with your friends and family. Note that you’ll rarely get a holiday on a festival if you are working in a private company. So, do you think it’s fine to join the private sector? For sure, no! So, try your best to join the government sector. 

  1. Promotions and increment

In a government job, you can get a promotion after serving for a certain number of years. Also, you will get an increment in your salary after every year. But, if you ask about the private sector, you may never get a promotion even after working for years. Also, you may never get an increment in your salary while working in the private sector. 

  1. Post retirement benefits

After joining the government job, you’ll not only earn during the job, but also after the job. The government sector of India pays pension, provident funds and gratuity to their retired employees. Whereas, the private sector never pays any amount to their employees after retirement. So, have you made up your mind to join the government sector. But, how will you get a job in the government sector? You can choose to take the SSC CGL exam and get one job. To prepare effectively for the exam, you can approach a leading institute that provides SSC Coaching in Chandigarh.


Aforementioned are some of the captivating reasons that persuades youngsters to secure a government job in India.

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