What is Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement? Guide for a Nonprofit Business

Nonprofits serve a wide range of mission types and beneficiaries. But there are several scenarios that are similar to all. The nonprofit organization must raise cash and build partnerships with supporters and constituents. Donors want to know how their contributions have an impact. Nonprofits must promote strong, diverse funding portfolios based on transparent data to achieve this. The software industry has a responsibility to upgrade nonprofit fundraising and constituent management programs easier and less expensive. Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 Sales is a new solution from Microsoft. This addresses a wide range of demands for nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, and development operations professionals.

What is Fundraising and Engagement?

Fundraising and Engagement is a free. It is an open-source solution based on the Nonprofit Common Data Model. It is from Microsoft Dynamics 365, the world’s most popular business application platform. The system provides quick access to real-time information on both loyal contributors and prospects out of the box. Platform allows you to engage them in a personalized manner.

Features of Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement:

  • Payment processing.
  • Management of recurring gifts and memberships.
  • Major and annual giving.
  • Household and life event management.
  • Opportunity and designation management.

Benefits of Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement Solution

Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement Solution supports the most common fundraising scenarios across numerous donation types and channels. This includes major and annual giving, recurring gift and membership programs, opportunity and designation administration, and household and life event management.

Marketers can use the Microsoft platform’s campaign, package, and appeal workflows, as well as insights and campaign segmentation tools, to run well-informed campaigns. Payment processing, data management, and business intelligence are all powered by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI implementation. This will delight finance, database administrators, and business analysts.

The Common Data Model breaks down the barriers that exist between these different activities. Because the solution’s fundamental function is to match financing to programs and projects. It can provide proactive insights and business information to transform reporting, deepen current connections, and find new growth prospects.

The solution for Fundraising and Engagement is free and open-source. This means you can download the entire solution from AppSource right now. Not only does this make Fundraising and Engagement one of the most cost-effective solutions for non-profits, but it also demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication. Microsoft wishes to give back to the community, create customer confidence, and maintain high transparency.

Many third-party payment gateways are supported by Fundraising and Engagement. Simply enter the unique keys and authentication keys to integrate with Fundraising and Engagement. There is no need to customize the product any further.

Nonprofits can also use other Microsoft ecosystem elements like Customer Insights and other Dynamics Apps like Dynamics 365 Marketing, Customer Service, and/or Finance and Operations, as well as Microsoft’s Nonprofit Accelerator, to extend the solution beyond fundraising and engagement over time. Because Fundraising and Engagement is based on the Nonprofit Common Data Model, it may be readily coupled with digital solutions that follow that model, either through an API integration or by leveraging one of the hundreds of pre-built connectors available on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Best Practices

Build a donor and supporter base. Get a full view of your constituents so you can better interact with them through personalized engagement. Understanding and fulfilling donor goals will increase donor loyalty and life-time giving.

Automate essential corporate operations to increase fundraising efficiency and cut costs. Donation, opportunity, campaign, and event management are examples of these business operations.

Get a comprehensive view of your fundraising efforts and financial results. The end-to-end donation, revenue, and transaction management eliminate the need for complex fundraising and financial reconciliation.

Fundraising and Engagement Pricing

While the Dynamics AppSource makes Fundraising and Engagement free for organizations, it does require an Azure tenant and a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license. Microsoft provides a $5,000 annual grant for Azure to qualified Nonprofits, as well as a 75% discount on Dynamics licenses — around $28 per user per month. If you already have Dynamics 365, the Sales app can be added for $5 per user each month.


Fundraising and Engagement solution strengthens Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 and is focused on small and medium-sized charities.   It gives you a 360-degree perspective of your supporters and a single source of truth for all of your interactions in real-time, and it integrates with all of your favorite Microsoft 365  products.


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