Water Logic Offers RO Water Purifier In Pakistan

RO Water Purifier

Water Logic RO water purifier

Choosing the right RO water purifier for your needs and budget. Non-electric water purifiers that do not require a constant water supply. Non-electric water purifiers

Water logic offers a wide range of modern water purifiers including RO water purifiers, RO+UV water purifiers, RO water purifiers and RO+UV+MF water purifiers. Water logic’s advanced 6- and 7-stage purification process ensures safe, fresh and clean drinking water. Our range of reverse osmosis water purifiers remove harmful bacteria.

viruses, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals and making drinking water 100% safe for consumption.

Water logic water purifiers purify the highest quality water.

which ensure that the purified water is rich in essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

which are important for the health of you and your family.

Water logic RO water purifiers can purify up to 2,000 ppm TDS.

They are suitable for all types of water treatment, regardless of source, including wells, reservoirs and groundwater treatment.

What is a reverse osmosis water purifier?

Reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment systems have semi-permeable membranes that remove all total dissolved solids (TDS) and various contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and chemicals from the water. When water passes through a semi-permeable membrane, only clean, fresh water passes through and contaminants are wash away.

When should you buy a reverse osmosis water purifier?

RO water purifiers are recommend for water sources with a high TDS content, i.e. a salty taste, but if the TDS content does not exceed 300 ppm, the water is potable. According to the WHO, water can contain high levels of sulphates, chlorides and other minerals that make it unsafe to drink if the TDS level exceeds 1000 ppm.

How much does a reverse osmosis water purifier cost?

The price of a reverse osmosis water purifier starts from Rs 9,000. The price of a water purifier can go up to 26,000 rupees. It depends on the level of filtration and features such as mineral enrichment, copper filling technology, filtration warning, etc. When buying a reverse osmosis water purifier, make sure it meets all your and your family’s needs before making your choice.

What are the benefits of using a reverse osmosis water purifier?

Reverse osmosis water purifiers provide safe and clean water for your family. Water logic RO water purifiers provide 100% safe, mineral-rich drinking water free of harmful contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy dust and pesticides.

  • Protect your family from waterborne diseases
  • Sweeten the taste of water so you can drink more.
  • Add the immune boosting power of reverse osmosis water to boost immunity, fight obesity and improve digestion.
  • Improve your overall health

When should you buy a reverse osmosis water purifier?

RO water purifiers should be used for water sources with high TDS levels, meaning water that tastes salty or contains heavy metals or chemicals that cannot be effectively removed by other water treatment methods.

Do reverse osmosis water purifiers use water?

Reverse osmosis technology uses some of the water to purify it and remove harmful contaminants. Water Logic’s Eco Series reverse osmosis water purifiers are specifically designed to save up to 80 cups of water per day.

Do we really need RO water purifier?

In Pakistan, many homes have water purifiers, but picking the right one can be a challenge. … Further, many homes do not really need an RO, because the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels are already within an acceptable range, and the water quality is clean with just some filtration needed.

Is UF needed with RO?

A reverse osmosis system provides the most extensive filtration because the RO membrane has the smallest pore size, but this level of filtration is not always necessary or preferred. A UF system retains beneficial minerals that an RO system removes.

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