The Connection between Chakra and Numerology

By identifying a person’s personality traits, skills, and comprehension of the prospects they face, chakra numerology permits the development of change and effect on life situations. A numerologist in India will help you with your issues.


Chakra numerology analysis and study can let you explore new territory and enter magical realms that have been off-limits to you up until now.

Concerning chakra numerology

The chakra numerology is dependent on the 9 chakras (7 classics along with 2 dynamic chakras), which makes it possible to categorise and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of an analysis rapidly. This technique is a diagnostic technique that focuses on individual development to go forward and accomplish objectives using the human map.

Six levels are the basis of numerology

Physical, energy, mental, spiritual, emotional, as well as human nature (each has a unique quality). Amazing results are obtained from employing this numerology in assessment on all 6 levels, allowing for the most accurate examination of the energy balance within the subject matter.

Relationship between Numerology and Mental Health

Data has an impact on lives. According to numerology and top astrologers, there are specific numbers that are related to psychological health. A person may experience anxiety, distress, mood disturbances, insomnia, overthinking, eating disorders, etc. if certain numbers are absent from their life. Mental and emotional stability of a person is due to blocked chakras.

Remedies of Missing Numbers

The mysterious effects of numbers on human life. The study of numerology teaches us how numbers impact our lives. Numerology uses numbers from 1 to 9, and every number has a unique impact on people’s lives. Not everybody’s life contains all nine digits. There is a higher likelihood of having mental health problems when Numbers 2, 3, 4, as well as 9, are absent. For missing numbers, some solutions can bring comfort that can be provided by a numerologist near me.

Activate the Chakras

The body’s chakras are power wheels that control thoughts and emotions. For optimal health, chakras must constantly be open. Health issues occur from blocked chakras. The Heart, Crown, and Root Chakras are the 3 primary chakras in charge of mental wellness. A person will inevitably encounter health problems if any one of the three chakras—or all three—is weak.

Numbers and Chakra System meet 

There is a clear and direct link between the chakra system as well as the numbers. Each number has a direct connection to a certain chakra (s). While certain numbers have a link to a major chakra, some only seem to be related to one.

Numbers and Correlating Chakras

Let’s examine the corresponding chakras for all the numbers from 1 to 9 below:

Number 1

The Solar Plexus chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen, is mostly associated with number 1. This chakra, like number 1, influences our willpower, individuality, as well as self-sufficiency sense. This figure boosts our leadership potential and self-assurance.

Number 2

The second number primarily has to do with the heart chakra. It is strongly related to the idea of deeply and unfiltered perceiving everything. It also has to do with being nice, connecting, bonding, as well as perceiving the other. Each of these traits describes the Heart Chakra.

Number 3

It mainly has to do with the sacral chakra. This relates to the chakra’s kid element. This is the aspect of us that enjoys singing, crying, laughing, and using our creativity to convey our feelings.

Number 4

The Root Chakra is primarily associated with the number four. This number has to do with things like discipline, consistency, routine, hard effort, structure,  roots, and long-term investments.

Number 5

The Sacral and Throat Chakras taken together are the focus of number 5. It enjoys experiencing life via the senses and is an excellent communicator.

Number 6

The Heart and Root chakras taken together are most relevant to number 6. This is a location wherein the physical manifestation of our feelings of love and care occurs.

Number 7

The Third Eye chakra is mostly associated with the number 7. Finding wisdom and learning the true essence of things are important to it. The thinker, scientist, philosopher, and mystic are all represented by this number.

Number 8

The Solar Plexus chakra is largely associated with the number 8. It has to do with ambition and constantly going forward. It is a fantastic manager and strategist with aspirations to increase its strength and influence.

Number 9

The number 9 is an exception. It has numerous links because it is a transcendental number which encompasses all other numbers. Altruism, living for the good of all, generosity, and impersonal love are virtues.


Long-term benefits for the patient can come from understanding chakras as well as missing the number of treatments. To live a flourishing life, it is best to prioritise both mental and physical wellness. Make room for a balanced life with the aid of numerology as well as chakras. Numerologists in India can help you gain wellness.

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